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Winter car Care coupons

Get Yourself and Your Car Ready for Winter

It is easy to overlook how dependent so many of us are on our vehicles. We rely on our vehicles to keep us and our passengers safe and comfortable as we journey to our many destinations. It is equally easy to forget that cars require seasonal maintenance in order to continue to deliver the performance we expect and depend on. As fall becomes winter, your vehicle’s maintenance needs will change. To keep your car running optimally in the colder months ahead, we recommend properly winterizing your vehicle. Between potential hazards like ice or snow and longer, darker nights, properly winterizing your vehicle will provide increased safety, comfort and piece of mind to you and your passengers.

Winter-readiness is a part of life and should be built into your vehicle maintenance routine so that, when the seasons change, you make it to your destination safely and with confidence. Packing your car with roadside emergency preparation items is also advised, especially in the winter months.

Whether you elect to winterize your vehicle yourself, or let Pep Boys perform your winter maintenance services, we recommend going the extra mile to get your vehicle winter ready. Here’s how:


When it comes to your safety on the road, the condition of your tires is paramount. Your tires are the first line of defense between yourself and the road. Check the tread depth of each tire (you can easily do this with a penny), inspect each tire for uneven wear and make sure your tires are in alignment. If you suspect your wheels are out of alignment, get them fixed. Misalignment of tires has many implications to the performance of your vehicle including uneven tire wear, poor fuel economy and an uncomfortable driving experience. Because tire pressure can drop in the cold weather, you should check your tire pressure regularly throughout the winter months and re-set to the manufacturers recommended PSI. You can lose 1-2 PSI for every 10*F drop in temperature so regularly checking this number is crucial. If the air pressure in your tires drops to below a specified number, your TPMS light will trigger. If your TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, engages, it is imperative that you add air to your tires or have them checked for a puncture.

Depending on the winter conditions in your area, winter tires might be the best option for you. Designed specifically for driving in more extreme winter conditions, these tires are constructed to provide extra traction, braking and handling when driving on roads that see heavy snow, ice and slush. An alternative to installing winter tires is purchasing winter chains.

Pep Boys offers wheel alignment, tire rotation and tire balancing service packages as well as winter tires, tire gauges and more – all of which will help you get (and keep) your vehicle winter ready.

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