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Audi winter car Care kit

The Winter weather season so far has been horrible around the nation. Tons of sand and salt have been tossed around on the roads and it will truly affect the appearance of a vehicles exterior and interior. Not only will the recent weeks of bad winter weather affect the appearance but the salt and sand will strip the shine, create chips in the paint and severely reduce surface protection. Many vehicle owners will wait until Spring to have their vehicles thoroughly cleaned, polished and protected. So prepare for a very busy Spring season. But there are many vehicle owners who will Not Want to wait and are concerned about the wrath of what mother nature has caused. These individuals are “prime targets” to promote your “Vehicle Winter Survival Package” to. So Don’t wait until Spring, promote this package now – send out emails to your customer list, post on your social media channels, send text alerts, etc.

Your Winter Survival Car Care Package for the exterior could possibly consist of; power washing the undercarriage, hand washing the exterior with special attention to wheels, door jams, bezels and trim, to remove invisible pollutants stuck to the surface and applying for a quick layer of protection and shine. For the interior I would recommend a thorough vacuuming to remove sand and salt, carpet and mat extraction to remove salt and dirt stains and finally a quick spruce up of the vinyl components using the to clean the vinyl and to enhance the appearance.

The Winter Survival Car Care Package should be an easy way to generate revenues for your very best customers who take pride in the appearance of their vehicles. This service should typically take no longer than an hour if you have 2 auto detailing professionals performing the service. For the exterior besides a pressure washer to power wash the underside you will also need a good, , , and an . To clean the interior your arsenal should include a powerful to clean the carpets, mats and vinyl components. So you will only have about $1 allocated in supplies and 1-2 labor hours, making this a very profitable express type detailing service. For an average sized vehicle like a BMW 3 series a fair price for your Winter Survival Package could be $79.95. For smaller vehicles $69.95 and for larger vehicles $89.85. Of course for over sized SUV’s and conversion vans you may want to include a $20 surcharge.

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