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If you have a mother, you have undoubtedly heard this statement: “hate is a strong word.” While it may seem harsh, it is more often than not said in a manner that is either clownish, hyperbole or fully tongue in cheek. In order to use hate in its full capacity, a wave of uncontrollable emotions must attack a person’s most inner soul. There have been times in the past where we found heavy dislike for a car but even the GM J-Bodies have a sort of repulsive charm that make them “okay” or at the very least, laughable. Because of this, we never really knew if we would ever meet a vehicle we would dislike so much that arduous walking would be the preferred mode of transportation. On a cold winter’s day however, that all changed as the funky little Nissan Juke found its way onto our driveway. Initially intrigued by 188 turbocharged and direct injected horses, we got behind the wheel of the strange crossover with honest high hopes. After all, the Juke contained Nissan’s first U.S.-spec turbocharged four cylinder in ages and how cool is that? In all honesty, not very cool at all. Instead of joy, EmptyRoad was assaulted with enough anguish that we were forced to gave the word hate a full-blown workout. Please meet not only our least favorite car of 2012, but our least favorite car of our quarter century lives.

The Juke was born from what appears to be absolutely nowhere. Throw away all concerns regarding its appearance and look at the vehicle compared to the current automotive structure. At 162.4 inches long and 69.5 inches wide, the Juke is not much bigger than the B-Platform Versa it shares so much with. Unlike that entry-level compact, the Juke rides 7 inches above the ground, comes available with all wheel drive and is actually called a “crossover”. This means that it does not compete in the small city car segment but instead, it does battle in a market that is now, rather lonely. After the death of the Suzuki SX4 late in 2012, the Juke was left with not much in terms of competition. ? Perhaps they would like the public to buy into the notion that crossovers are safer but simply put, the extra gear amps up the B-Platform’s revenue building abilities. Take our Juke tester for example. It came out the door with Rockford Fosgate’s speakers, a spoiler and navigation carrying a price tag of $26, 145 which is a dollar-to-size ratio of expensive. Things seem to get even worse when you realize our tester was not even equipped with the Juke’s party piece: all wheel drive.

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USA Washing Machines by Manufacture Front Load Washing Machine Bearing & Seal Repair Kit - (HE2)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (USA Washing Machines by Manufacture)
  • Kit is designed to replace manufacture seal and bearings in front load washing machines. Installation required.
  • FREE Instructional Installation Video: Learn how to install this repair kit. Search our channel HomeTaskdotcom to see multiple repair videos.
  • Washer Model Numbers:
  • 11046462501, 11046472500, 11046472501, chw9900vq0, chw9900vq1, mah22pdaww0, mah22pdaww1, mah22pdaxw0, mah22praww0, mah22praww1, mwfw8300sw01, mwfw8300sw02, wfw8200tw00...
  • See other kits for other washer model numbers.

Outdoor watering ban begins  — Mineral Wells Index
.. but not limited to, irrigation or watering of vegetation including lawns, shrubs, trees, flower beds and gardens; washing windows, siding, eaves and roofs of buildings; washing driveways, streets, curbs and gutters; non-commercial vehicle washing ..

Racers Edge Racers Edge 20200 3 x 8mm Philips Washing Machine Screws, 10-Piece
Hobby (Racers Edge)
  • Replace old, stripped and rusty hardware
  • Made from high quality materials
  • For use with a variety of RC hobby products
Flexaust Garage Exhaust Flare-Lok Rubber Duct Hose, Black, 3" ID, 11' Length
BISS (Flexaust)
  • Duct hose for garage and vehicle fume exhaust
  • Lightweight black rubber, resistant to gasoline, oil, fumes, carbon monoxide, heat, and aging
  • Flexible for easy installation and returns to original shape after being flattened
  • Suitable for applications with temperatures up to 375 degrees F, such as engine exhaust
  • Flared end allows for easy connection of multiple lengths of the same size hose
Vakind Vakind Household Car Wash Water Gun High Voltage Copper Gun Head Washing Machine
Lawn & Patio (Vakind)
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality!
  • Designed with high pressure, and 4 working models as the pictures show when twist the copper head
  • Good material, solid metal, body-plated for extra durablity
  • Quick response to work
  • Easy to install
Pet Gear Pet Gear Booster Car Seat for cats and dogs up to 25-pounds, Large / 22-inches, Charcoal
Pet Products (Pet Gear)
  • Sturdy foam with soft microsuede cover and removable plush pillow; machine washable
  • Tether can be attached to pets harness to keep your pet comfortable and secure
  • Booster is easily attached to car seat
  • No assembly required
  • Measures 22 L x 17 W x 11.5 H; suitable for pets up to 25-pounds
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