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Vehicle washing bay designed

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Screen Wash Systems For HGVs

The Morclean screen wash system is designed to fit around any other Morclean System, or to be used as a stand alone wash bay. The screens are manufactured to specification and size using galvanized box profile section, and double sided plastic coated box profile sheeting. While bespoke, and designed to the clients specifications, a SWS system is typically up to 4m high and up to 20m long.

A Morclean SWS is designed to protect the surrounding area from over-spray of water or detergent, and to contain any particles of debris from the item being cleaned. Around 80% of the water can also be contained for recycling. This is especially useful for plant that is either heavily soiled or contaminated.

System Features

When used in conjunction with a Morclean high or medium pressure system, the SWS is semi automatic and one operator can access all the features without the need to either enter the plant room, switch on the unit, or the need for trailing cables and hoses. The controls for pressure, flow, detergent etc are all preset and the unit is auto stop start, the system can be used in conjunction with a gantry (GWS). The unit is fully installed and can be fitted over a separator to foul drainage (subject to local water authority approval).

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All the Morclean system is then protected with pressure and/or flow switches, hot water units include a failsafe photocell, all units are bespoke and/or customised.

Screen Wash System Options

The unit can be manufactured to any practical size and dimension, and to fit most vehicle sizes and application. The system is available as a portable unit with no requirement for any civil works. Other options include twin lances, coin or token operation, frost protection, hose reels, foam kit etc. Morclean WRS - Water Recycling System - can also be used in conjunction with this system. Morclean would be pleased to liaise with end users, Design or Consulting Engineers, and Civil Engineers with any project.

Head Office and Accounts
Speedwell Industrial Estate
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Freephone 0800 1300 402
T: +44 (0)1246 471147
F: +44 (0)1246 471277

Morclean (West Midlands)
Incorporating Swan KEW Cleaning Systems Ltd
Brookside Industrial Park
West Midlands
WS10 0QZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)121 502 0455

Morclean, in conjunction with TNT, offer all clients the facility to check the status of their TNT deliveries over the World Wide Web by using the TNT on-line parcel tracking facility.

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Popular Q&A

As a blue badge holder can I park my vehicle in any marked parking bay, or do I have to use a designated disabled space?

You may park in any marked parking bay. However, payment is required when parked in a pay and display bay. In designated disabled bays parking is free of charge.

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