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remove water spots caused by sprinklerDid you know there are 3 different types of water spots & each one requires a different removal method?

Finding water spots on your car is a very common issue that we deal with as car owners. The water spots can show up on your car for a variety of reasons, but in sunny South Florida, we usually have the sprinkler system in our community to blame. Many of us have found out that once we dedicate our weekend to washing our car, drying it off and maybe even waxing it, those water marks are still there. The thing is, most water spots can't be removed by washing alone and for motor vehicle finishes challenging aspect is getting rid of them without adding swirls and scratches to the paintsimultaneously. But, before you get into the laborious task of figuring out how to remove water spots, you must first learn how to identify the type of water spots that you have on your vehicle.

There are 3 Types of water spots. Type I, Type II and Type III water spots. In this article, we will teach you how to determine which type of water spot you have and in subsequent articles, we will discuss the methods you need to employ to remove each type of water spot. Various kinds of water spots are taken off in different ways, therefore it’s crucial that you make an effort to identify which kind of water spot you might have initially because this will allow you to have a better understanding of the removal procedure and products/ tools needed. The most convenient kind of water spots to eradicate are Type I while the most challenging to eliminate are Type II and Type III

Type2WaterSpotType I Water Spots

Type I Water Spots are primarily dirt or mineral depostis that are resting on top of your paint. Type I Water Spots are most likely the effects of minerals trapped in municipal water or well water that happen to be left behind once the water disappears from the surface. This could possibly happen by cleaning your vehicle and not drying the water from the car paint or if perhaps a sprinkler is triggered near the vehicle coating the automobile with water drops which aren't removed from the car paint. Type I Water Spots may also be dirt and grime or elements of contaminates that may be in the air and is left behind right after the water from rainfall or bad weather conditions disappears from the vehicle's surface. It's important to note that Type I Water Spots can certainly be Type II Water Spots because the water can easily leave behind both a deposit on the vehicle's surface as well as an etching in the paint's finish. People also often refer to mineral deposits as Hard Water spots, or spots left by “hard water.

Type1WaterSpot Type3WaterSpot
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Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate 16 oz. Best Car Wash Soap For Sparkling No-Spot Finish - High Foaming Eco-Friendly Natural Plant-Based Formula Easily Removes Dirt and Grime by BooYah Clean! Will Not Dull Paint or Strip Existing Wax - USA Made and 100% Guaranteed
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  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA - Just one ounce (4 capfuls) of the powerful plant-based solution creates aton of suds and enhances the surface tension of a gallon of water...
  • BY HAND OR MACHINE - Wash your vehicle by hand or use it as a pressure washer soap♦ Either way it s always safe to use on all automotive finishes
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Your car will look as good as new and you ll feel good about it because theproduct is GREEN (even the bottle is recyclable) and made in the USA ♦...
  • OUR GUARANTEE - Our car wash shampoo, like any BooYah Clean! product, is 100%guaranteed to work for you, or your money back ♦ You have nothing to lose! Take up to6...
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Armor All Armor All 78462 Ultra Shine Wash and Wax Detailer - 16.9 oz.
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  • For the days when you cannot give your car a full wash or wax
  • Restores water beading and delivers incredible shine
  • Enhances the rich color of your vehicle
  • Can be applied on wet or dry surfaces and in direct sunlight
  • Safe for use on glass
Meguiar's Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound - 15.2 oz.
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  • Removes Oxidation, Swirl Marks and Scratches
  • Effective for Removing Water Spots
  • Specialized Abrasives Restore Surface Clarity without Scratching
  • Leaves a Like-New Finish and Adds Gloss in One Step
  • Perfect to Use Before Waxing
Multinetz Car Wash - Virtual Sport Spa Salon
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  • -Auto Spa: Virtual Sport Car Wash is suitable for all ages
  • -Rinse down the car!
  • -Scrub your car from the top down!
  • -It s important to dry the car quickly to avoid water spots!
  • -Existence of different tools hot water, cold water, sponge, foam, dry machine,
  • -Final rinse with hot water
  • -Bright and colourful graphics
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