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Tactical vehicle Wash rack

Tactical Wash Rack For the Motor Pool

Portable Motor Pool Wash Rack

Now your Motor Pool can setup a wash rack in one day. No design, construction, permits and best of all no delays. The system comes complete: closed loop, portable wash rack with Hydropad wash pads, wastewater recycling system and Hydrosite equipment enclosure. You supply the water, power and the vehicles to wash.

Motor Pool Wash Rack, Undercarriage Washing Made Easy

Undercarriage Washing Wand Allows Operators to Clean Every Area
With our special Hydroblaster undercarriage washing wand you can quickly blast clean the underside of any vehicle, making maintenance tasks much easier. Standing clear, you no longer get wet and greasy while cleaning undercarriages. Decontamination is made simple and effective with this highly developed tool.

Motor Pool Washing Made Faster

Up to Four People Washing At Once

With the Hydroblaster Tactical Motor Pool Washing System you can have two individuals foaming on cleaning compound and two individuals washing with high-pressure hot water, all at one time. Vehicles are cleaned fast and thoroughly with this state of the art washing system. Tactical is what it's all about.

Portable Motor Pool Wash Rack Connections

Simple Connections Are Made to The Hydrosite

With this fully tactical system, all connections between the REMs, Hydropads and Hydrosite are quick disconnect and cam-lock fittings. All washing and wastewater recycling equipment is factory installed and located within the Hydrosite.

Like all of our corrosion control equipment, the Portable Motor Pool Wash Rack is available on GSA contract.

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Popular Q&A

What will self service car wash equipment cost?

This is not an easy question to answer. There are so many variables and "extras" that can be purchased. Some companies will tell you it will only cost about $16,000. This is true if you do not need all the support equipment. But most people asking this question do need the support equipment. The first self service bay is the most expensive due to the support equipment. One basic self service bay with all the support equipment, all the options and two vacs will cost approx $30,000. This does not include floor heat. The cost to add on each bay after the first bay is by far much less.

Can i sue a car wash whose equipment scratched the paint on my vehicle?

i went to this car wash that washes your car for you and when i came out to vacuum my floors i noticed this scratch down the side of my truck. i told the manager there what happened but he was like there's no way our equipment could have done that. i even talked to the owner and he said the same thing. after my truck dried i took it to an auto body shop and they told me that my entire truck had scratches on it. they are telling me that it's nothing that they did, we haven't had this truck for more than two and a half months and on the pictures, that i have before i went to that car wash…

High pressure hot water and soap never "SCRATCHES" paint. Something would have had to touch and scrape the paint to make scratches before or after the truck got dirty enough to wash. Your body shop will be able to give you a pretty good idea what caused the scratches.
Think about this: Car washes would all close tomorrow if they scratched paint. You didn't indicate what type of car wash was used, manual or automatic.

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