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Ryko vehicle Wash systems

eco-friendly car wash

Chemically Clean Cleansers

• Safe
• Non-hazardous
• Biodegradable
• Contain no phosphates

You and your customers may not care about all the science necessary to produce such products. And you don’t have to know the specifics. We take care of that so you can focus on cleaning cars without worrying about the fish downstream.

Water Conservation Systems

In some parts of the world, clean water is a five-mile walk away from home and has to be toted in buckets from the well back home. Water is not taken for granted there, and wasting water means another long walk to retrieve some more.

In the United States, water is taken for granted because it’s readily accessible. Nevertheless, water conservation needs to be observed and water valued.

car wash marketingWater usage is a big concern in many communities thanks to drought conditions and depleted reservoirs. An eco-friendly car wash is almost an American necessity in towns facing water restrictions. Some only allow homeowners to water their lawns every other week.

Reclaim systems

Ryko uses reclaim systems as a front line of defense against wasting water. These reclaim systems reduce water usage rates by almost 80 percent. Not only does this conserve valuable water, but it saves operating costs as well.

Ryko Infographic Build LoyaltyHigh-pressure nozzles

High-pressured nozzles work quickly. Meaning the water runs for a shorter amount of time to achieve the same results with less water.

Computer-controlled systems

Precision, by definition, means efficiency, and efficiency means less waste. The computer-controlled systems offered by Ryko provide more precision cleaning. Gone are the days when the water continues to run because the time has yet to expire, even though the user has driven away.


car wash marketingWe practice what we preach at Ryko. Our manufacturing facilities work to protect the environment as well. We make the eco-friendly car wash a priority from beginning to end. The staff recycles:

• Office paper
• Aluminum
• Cardboard
• Stainless steel
• Steel
• Wood from pallets that can no longer be used as pallets
• Wire spools
• Crating
• Plastic containers

At Ryko, we’re more than happy to be the sidekick working alongside superheroes like you to save the planet.

You know what you do: you own a car wash. But can you convey the why behind it? Simon Sinek, author of the book Start with Why, says people buy why you do it, not what you do.

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