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PDQ vehicle Wash Communications


Through the use of powerful technology, the LaserWash G5 S-Series delivers outstanding wash results. It starts with a customer-friendly and energy-efficient design. It continues with real-time system monitoring, value-added wash options, superior wash performance and a distribution network always on-hand to give you guidance and assistance.

The LaserWash G5 S-Series introduced the world to the Virtual Treadle, a revolutionary electronic vehicle-sensing technology which eliminated drive-on floor mechanisms, creating an open, inviting wash bay. The Virtual Treadle uses advanced sensor technology that eliminates the need for T-bars and floor-mounted mechanisms which are susceptible to temperature and quickly wear out through consistent use.

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Key Features

  • Virtual Treadle® bay loading - no floor steel!
  • PDQ's staple Open Wash Bay - overhead design with no floor steel
  • On-Board MaxAir Dryer
  • Zero-Degree Rotating Nozzles
  • Single Pump System
  • Aluminum Construction
  • LED Signage
  • On-Board Soap Heaters
  • Built-in Web Interface for Updating, Reporting & Monitoring


User Interface Software

PDQ's LaserWash G5 S-Series wash control software uses a web-based platform to provide remote access to all key operating functions. You can change wash packages, view hourly performance and monitor all machine functions remotely.

  • Standard Features
  • Software is viewed and programmed on standard html web browsers.
  • Provides management reports and on-line diagnostics.
  • View sales in a daily graph detailing hour by hour performance.
  • Create custom wash packages.
  • Infrared remote keyboard provides programming and manual operation function for diagnostic troubleshooting and planned maintenance.
  • Remote access to monitor and manage functions (excluding manual and safety operations) - requires internet gateway.
  • Real-time wash information via pager, email (requires internet gateway), and/or mobile device.
  • On-demand sales performance updates.

LaserWash G5 S-Series Pump Station

A powerful patent-pending single-pump module providing low-cost and efficient wash operation and designed for use either in the equipment room or directly in the wash bay.

  • Single direct displacement pump provides accurate & reliable performance.
  • Accommodates single and dual step detergents, color polish and high-pressure solutions.
  • Efficient valve design and cleaning solution distribution system saves on water consumption.
  • Molded, watertight fiberglass enclosure protects internal pump station components while reducing noise.
  • Drive system bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed against moisture and contamination.
  • Pre-plumbed input lines for the addition of optional soft water, reverse osmosis and reclaim water connections.
  • ETL listed.
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Popular Q&A

How much would I get paid if I washed military vehicles for a year

Pay would depend on your military rank. If you are a E1 you would make 1294.50 a month or 15,534 a year.!

Military Vehicle Storage (Long Beach)?

how are the cars treat treated in military storage? i was told by my brother that the cars are started and run everyday for 5 minutes and washed every week? I'm wondering because the car will be given to me as a gift. it's been sitting for 7 years.

I'd be stunned if that was true. I've only seen a few lots but they were all outdoors someplace on base, away from everything. The one's I've seen were not all that secure, but I guess they're OK as the MP's drive past the lot regularly.
OK, did a search. There are companies that offer this service. Obviously, it will cost you.
Do a search for "car storage, military"

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