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Closed loop vehicle Wash recycling systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much water can I expect to save if I install a Freylit Water Recycle System?

A: Between 80 and 90% of water can be saved depending on varying site factors. Do not forget to add your water cost and sewage cost savings up as the two are linked on your water bills.

Q: What other savings can I make if I use the Freylit System?

A: There is a significant saving on soap usage as between approximately 75% of this is reused depending on how dirty your vehicles are. Maintenance is 6 monthly and there are no consumable filters or chemicals. Many owners maintain the units themselves as the maintenance is so easy.

Q: If I do not have a sewage connection can I install a Freylit water recycle system?

A: Yes you can. This is called a "closed loop system". We have many sites operating a closed loop system, one of which is Environment Agency operated and they recycle 100% of the water. You would need to contact our technical staff to discuss your site requirements.

Eko-Lit wash water recycle machine supplied with enclosureQ: Why Conserve Water?

A: Financial reasons, as water companies are raising water and sewage rates Business reasons, as water companies are beginning to mandate reclaim systems before planning permission is granted. Environmental damage to the Earth from extraction of fresh water for consumption ie building of dams, upgrade of infrastructures to meet increased demand cost nearly £1000-2000.00 per meter. Many of our rivers, wetlands and bays are degraded. This is partly due to the high levels of water extracted, as well as polluted surface runoff and stormwater flushed into them.

Q: Why should I consider a Freylit reclaim/wash water recycling system as opposed to any other manufacturer on the market?

A: Freylit is a dedicated manufacturer and ONLY makes Wash Water Recycling and Oil Water Separators Systems. With almost 10, 000 installations world wide, many with very discerning customers, and abiding to very strict environmental parameters, we believe that our quality and pedigree provide the reassurance to our customers that we market professional and truly fully field tested equipment.

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Popular Q&A

What is the best wash soap?

It really depends on your skin and what you are trying to achieve. I suggest Cetaphil for your face.

What would be the best soap for washing vehicles?

I'm goin to start my own little car washing business
And would like to know what soap would b best.
Dawn dish soap can take off wax
So I'd like to get and acual vehicle soap.

Kitten Glow wash for cars.Any auto spare parts shop.

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