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Military Lubricants, Additives and GreasesMuscle Products Corporation. (MPC) is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced technology, specialty lubricants, additives and greases. Our products include greases, spray lubricants, cutting oils, automotive lubricants and specialty additives specifically designed for Military applications.

For over 25 years, Muscle Products Corporation has achieved growth because of its commitment to customers and product quality.
Muscle lubricants and additives are used worldwide in industries such as these: automotive, transmission rebuild, steel, mining, metalworking, manufacturing, construction, transportation, light and heavy rail, maintenance, general industry, marine, paper, firearms, agriculture.

Our Mission: is to provide lubricants and additives that exceed our customers' expectations.
Our continued success is driven by this foundation. Our goal is to keep your equipment operating efficiently so you can focus your time and energy on managing the rest of your business. ?Military Lubricants and Greases Because our lubricants, additives and greases are designed to reduce friction-related heat and wear resulting in:

  • More effective lubrication
  • Optimal equipment operation
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer equipment life
  • Bottom line: more profit

Our Manufacturing Facility:
Starting with advanced equipment used in our facility enables us to blend our products to specifications, and then fill some of the smallest bottles available to larger containers, such as drums and tote bins. We can also process special bulk requests.

Our Products:
MPC’s lubrication technology is based on Tribologic methods that improve lubricity and load carrying capacity by improving surface characteristics and creating a stable, chemical, corrosion-controlled, halide boundary film. The keystone of Muscles product line is MT-10 Metal Treatment, a blend of highly refined oils and proprietary additives that contain no solid lubricants, chlorinated solvents or phosphate compounds. It’s active to provide five mechanisms of improvement.

Muscle Lubricants and Grease Solutions Military Gun Lubricants, Additives and Greases Military Shotgun Lubricants and Greases Military Gun Lubricants and Greases
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NOVCO Novagard Versilube G321 Extreme Temperature Range Silicone Grease, Meets CID A-A-59173 Type II, 5.3 oz Tube
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What does EP stand for as it pertains to lubricants and what is the typical additive technology behind it

EP is for Extreme Pressure , cn't answer the tech though.

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