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Zinc oil additive Lucas

There has been a lot of confusion in the last few years about the lowering of zinc and phosphorus levels in modern oils and how these lower levels relate to classic and performance engines using standard flat tappet lifters – that is, just about every car built before the Eighties. The concern involves the use of the new lower zinc/phosphorus-content ILSAC (multi-viscosity) oils, readily available on shelves at auto parts stores everywhere, and how compatible they are with these older engines.

When anyone mentions zinc, they are actually referring to zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, a compound invented by Castrol for use in mineral-based oils or zinc di-thiophosphate (ZDTP), which is normally used in synthetic oils. Both have been used as an anti-wear ingredient in engine oil for many years. The zinc and phosphorus ingredients appear to be most effective when they are used together. ZDDP/ZDTP is one of many additives that are put into conventional motor oil to improve its lubrication qualities. Other ingredients such as boron and molybdenum are also added as lubricant enhancers.

What was discovered through oil testing by several engine component manufacturers is that many older engines experience a short period of time during engine start-up where critical lubrication is insufficient between metal-to-metal lubrication points when using modern oils with reduced amounts of ZDDP/ZDTP. These same enhancers unfortunately have their downside: The phosphorus in this compound creates carbon buildup in engine bores and valvetrains, and both compounds can also lead to the early demise of catalytic converters. For this reason, the industry has been phasing out zinc and phosphorus levels since 1994, when the American Petroleum Institute’s SH designation became the industry standard, and levels have been further reduced in each subsequent API rating for engine oils. Manufacturers have tried adding more boron to offset the effects of the reduced zinc and phosphorus levels; however, the dry start protection does not measure up to those using more ZDDP/ZDTP. This has opened up a whole new market for zinc/phosphorus additives for oil and many camshaft and engine manufacturers now recommend that an additive be used in initial break-in and for regular use.

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Lucas Oil Lucas Oil (LUC10063) Utility Lubricants, Engine Break-In Oil Additive- TB Zinc Plus, Case of 12, 16oz Size Bottles
Home Improvement (Lucas Oil)
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  • Engine Break TB Zinc Plus 12pk
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Lucas Lucas Oil 10063-PK12 Engine Break-In Oil Additive - TB Zinc Plus - 16 oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Lucas)
  • Excellent for flat tappet camshafts during break-in or as an additive to any motor oil to prevent premature wear
  • Designed for race applications requiring additional extreme pressure additives
  • Protects camshaft lifters and valve train during break-in period of motor
  • Add one bottle with every oil change to increase the zinc content of your motor oil
  • Sold in case packs of 12
Lucas Oil Fuel Additive
Lucas Oil Fuel Additive
Lucas Oil - Lucas Additives Generic - Arena
Lucas Oil - Lucas Additives Generic - Arena
Lucas Oil
Lucas Oil
Lucas Oil Lucas Oil 10621 SAE 20W-50 Racing Motor Oil - 5 Quart Jug
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Lucas Oil)
  • High zinc fortified
  • Perfect oil for high RPM engines
  • Extra protection
  • Lower oil temperature
  • Less drag for more horsepower
Sport & Fitness Lucas Oil 10063 Engine Break-In Oil Additive - 16 oz. Athletics, Exercise, Workout, Sport, Fitness
Sports (Sport & Fitness)
  • Protects camshaft lifters and valve train
  • Excellent for flat tappet camshafts or as an additive
  • Exclusive blend of extreme pressure additives
  • Designed for race applications
  • Not designed for passenger car use
Lucas Oil Lucas Oil 10683-3PK 10W-40 Petroleum Oil - 5 Quart Jug, (Case of 3)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Lucas Oil)
  • Contains the high levels of zinc necessary to protect flat tappet cams, lifters and pushrods
  • Provides excellent thermal stability in case of overheating
  • True long lasting high performance lubricant
  • Contains special Lucas additives that protect against rust, corrosion and dry starts associated with long periods of non-use

Popular Q&A

Lucas oil additive?

they work great,they are not a cure for mechanical breakdown but do offer more protection.lucas was originally designed for heavy truck use.
i have used these products for many years and never had a problem.
as for cold starts the lucas stays on the parts to protect them till oil gets to them.
as an example at 20 below 10w30 can take up to 3 minutes to lube the top end were as 5w30 takes less than a minute,this time period is where lucas adds protection

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