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Restore oil additives Reviews

xado uk diesel, engine treatment, engine restore, oil additive, engine oil additives logo Extralube ZX1 Kalimex K-Tek STP Duralube Molyslip and Liquid Moly Wynns Slick 50 Tufoil Cyclo Nulon Greased Lightning Activ8 Lambda Forté RVS Nanoprotec Suprotec Ceremizer Retol Practex RiMet and RewitecA great product and so easy to use. The instruction are easy to follow and the results are plane to see. Better acceleration reduced fuel consumption and a quieter running engine. I have already advised my nephew to use this in his car. - Simon Lowe xado atomic oil nano engine oil additive xado motor cycle oil additive treatment
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Beauty (Manufactured in the Kingdom of Morocco)
  • LOOKING FOR A GREAT MOISTURIZER? Our customers keep coming back for more as they love this virgin Argan oil for its rapid absorption. It will leave your skin with...
  • WANT SHINY, SILKY HAIR? Argan oil is today s hottest beauty product that conditions and repairs your hair without making it look oily. A couple of drops goes a long...
  • WISHING FOR SOFT, SMOOTH SKIN? If your legs, hands or face get dry or scaly from the cold, this oil will help your skin feel soft and smooth again. Our customers...
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Hi-Gear Hi-Gear HG2244e Motor Oil Improver - 15 fl. oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Hi-Gear)
  • Restores cleansing, foam depressing, anti-scoring and viscosity properties
  • Lowers exhaust toxicity
  • Improves acceleration
  • Prevents formation of carbon deposits
  • Improves engine dynamics

Popular Q&A

Restore oil additive in newer cars?

i addited this to my 06 nissan and the eng to lost power.

You should not have done that. Drain the oil & change the filter. Now then, read the owners manual & it will clearly state that you do not ever need to add the crap. Put back in the correct oil & correct filter.

Is it safe to use 2 containers of RESTORE oil additive instead of 1?

I've got a worn out Chevy Silverado which I use RESTORE oil additive in faithfully because it simply 'works'. I was curious if I could use more to help out the engine even that much more. I was thinking 2 bottles instead of just one. Which would replace 2 quarts of oil instead of just one. Would this work or will it have a negative effect more or less because of the lack of oil? Honestly I don't think I can hurt this engine because it's so worn out and all that it's been through too. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Restore engine oil additive comes in pint cans only. Two pints not quarts of this thick molasses in the crankcase during the Winter would severely slow down the oil pumps ability of delivering a large volume of lubricant to all frictional surfaces. When the oil pump turns hard you loose horsepower.
Why do you think RESTORE works? There's no detergent package in it or EP properties.

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