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Oil well production additives

WRT BV, founded in 1985, is a Dutch company that produces chemicals and supplies services for the oil industry. In almost 20 years we have gathered a lot of experience in this field and at present we produce additives for all kind of specific problems that may occur in either gas oil, fuel oil, gasoline, naphtha, crude, etc.

HFA oil additives® is the trade name of our additives. We offer our customers the following additives: for gas oil - CFPP improvers, lubricity improvers, cetane no improvers, conductivity improvers, dehazers, dyes and biocides; for fuel oil - H²S scavengers, demulsifiers and pour point depressants; for gasoline - anti-oxidants, dyes, RON / MON improvers and mercaptane scavengers; for naphtha: - mercaptane scavengers and for crude - pour point depressants and demulsifiers (desalting aid).


Our engineers are very experienced in treating vessels on board with additives and they can treat the cargo before loading (inline injection). If necessary they can do so all over the world.


Due to high quality in both our additives and services, we have established a wide variety of clients - from inspectors and traders to major worldwide operating companies. We believe our company is well respected due to the fact that our R&D department is constantly innovating and therefore creating better, cleaner and more effective chemicals.


The reason that WRT BV - as a relatively small company - still exists alongside the big companies is that we are faster and more flexible. If the existing additives do not reach the required values, we do our utmost to make a tailor-made new one that can do the job.

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