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Oil additives Southwest

Acid Pumping UnitIn addition to wire line, coil tubing and other well-servicing units, Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. is a leading producer of Fluid Pumping Equipment. From pumping abrasive slurries such as cement to highly corrosive acids, we have a fluid pumping solution to satisfy your need.

All fluid pumping equipment is built to customer specifications at one of our two Texas (USA) manufacturing facilities.

Acid Pumping Units

Our standard acid unit features a 750 gallon acid pumping system with three wet chemical and one single auger for dry chemical additives. The unit is mounted on a single drop tandem axle trailer and has numerous triplex pump options including:

  • SW 600 horsepower
  • SW 1000 horesepower
  • SW 2250 horsepower

Other value added features for our acid pumping units include:

  • Low center of gravity to ensure safety when fully loaded
  • Computer controlled pump rate for precise control
  • Real time Pressure & Flow data reporting
  • Data recording and Laptop Charting

Cement Pumping UnitCementing Units

As part of our Fluid Pumping equipment offering, Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. is pleased to offer our trailer mounted twin pump cementing unit which features our rugged and reliable Southwest pumps.

To ensure safety and ease of transportation, the unit is designed with a low center of gravity and weight is equally distributed on the heavy beam drop deck trailer design.

Designed for reliability and performance our cementing units offer several valued added features such as:

  • Time proven RCM mix system
  • Electric over hydraulic for infinite control of the slurry delivery system
  • Micro-Motion fluid densitometer for precise customer product delivery.
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How is oil distributed in southwest Asia?

This is distributed, by a group of countries in South west Asia Called G-unit.

What is the importance of oil in southwest asia?

Oil = electricity, plastics, fuel (including gasoline), fertilizers, medicine, pesticides, synthetic fibers
Now the real question is, what is the importance of the above in southwest asia?
Previous answer:
are you kidding me? oil is sooo important becaus ethats what gasoline is, you know the stuff for your cars. are you stupid

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