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Oil additives for horsepower

Total sealHere’s how to free up more horsepower in your engine by finding balance
By Jeff Huneycutt

Honestly, we don’t know much about chi, crystals or any other new-age hokum. But we do know to shut up and listen when the horsepower experts talk. And lately, Driven Racing Oil’sTM Lake Speed Jr. has been talking about how to free up more horsepower by finding “balance” when you build your next engine.

And no, he’s not talking about yoga or meditation–although we’ve heard that’s good for you–instead, he means finding the right combination of parts and preparation to properly seal the combustion chamber floor. When most people think of the combustion chamber in a running engine, they picture the cylinder head and maybe the valves. But that is only the top of the chamber. The chamber floor consists of the top of the piston and the rings. It’s the piston rings which keep combustion pressure from squeezing down the side of the piston between the skirt and the cylinder walls, and the more efficient the rings are at keeping the rapidly expanding combustion gases from escaping the chamber, the more power your engine will make.

It’s a mistake, however, to think that the piston rings do all this by themselves.piston rings3 The rings depend on motor oil splashed up onto the cylinder walls by the rotating crankshaft to provide lubrication where the ring contacts the cylinder wall. Without proper lubrication, friction between the ring and the cylinder wall will cause irreparable damage within a matter of minutes. But the oil also provides a secondary benefit: It actually helps seal any small gaps between the edge of the ring and the cylinder wall, decreasing blow-by and improving horsepower. The oil, in turn, depends on the engine machinist to properly prepare the cylinder bores by honing a series of tiny grooves into the cylinder wall in a crosshatch pattern. It’s this pattern of grooves that actually helps trap a small film of oil so that the cylinder wall isn’t wiped dry every time the piston rings slide past.

piston rings Sunnen Engine Honing 00106 CAST RING FACE
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  • Increased Efficiency, Horsepower & Torque
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  • Complete tune up kit includes spark plug, air filter, 4-cycle oil and fuel stabilizer
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REV-X Oil & Fuel Additives REV-X 2 Bottles Oil Treatment & 2 Bottles Ultimate Diesel Fuel Treatment Kit
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  • 2 - 4oz Engine Oil Treatment Kit & 2 - 8oz Ultimate Diesel Fuel Treatment
  • Increased Efficiency, Horsepower and Torque
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