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Shelf life of home heating oil: this document explains the shelf life or storage life of home heating oil (No. 2 home heating oil) and discusses what can and should be done with old heating oil found in unused or abandoned oil storage tanks.

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What is the Shelf Life or Storage Life of Home Heating Oil?

Separately at HEATING OIL - OLD, USEABLE? we discuss how to move or make use of old heating oil.

Proper oil storage tank abandonment requires the use of good engineering practices, including consideration of the future condition of the tank.

While the original of this article focused on commercial oil storage tanks, the concerns and steps should be examined by those abandoning residential oil tanks as well. Readers of this page should see The Oil Storage Tank Website. Uses for and handling of used lubricating oils (not heating oil) is discussed in US EPA publication Managing Used Oil.

Diesel fuel, which is basically the same as No. 2 heating oil, is said by sources we've read to have a shelf life of 18-24 months without any fuel additives having been put into the tank. (Diesel fuel is basically No. 2 heating oil PLUS some fuel additives for winter use in vehicle engines).

Additives to diesel fuel are intended to be added when the fuel is put into the tank, not years later, and they claim to preserve the fuel's octane and combustion characteristics.

How can we extend the storage life of heating oil in a tank?

IF someone had put the proper additives into the tank of home heating oil when the fuel was delivered, it could have been reliably stored and then used up to two years later. Contact your heating oil delivery company to ask their recommended products for adding to and protecting the life of heating oil.

Can a heating oil additive "restore" old heating oil and make it good to burn in our oil burner?

Can an oil additive rejuvenate old stored heating oil? It's unlikely but we'd need to ask the chemical engineers who make those products. We speculate that products intended to be added to Diesel or perhaps to heating oil are intended to be added as preservatives at the time of delivery of the oil and that they are not designed to restore or rejuvenate old heating oil.

We have found no indication that adding a diesel fuel additive, or a heating fuel additive such as 4-in-one hot™ (sludge breakup and water remover) to heating oil will "restore" the original properties of oil that has been stored for a decade.

Remember that what was in the ground for a million years was not No 2 heating oil, it was a gooey ugly...

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Popular Q&A

What are the prices for home heating oil?

The price of residential heating oil largely depends on the current supply and demand of crude oil. The best way to obtain the current home heating oil cost is to visit your local fuel oil distributor's website and get a quote. You should also be able to obtain a quote for an emergency heating oil delivery should you need replenishment on short notice.

What is the benefit to adding kerosene to home heating oil?

brands and additives that are ok and those that arent ok.
so all in all call your oil company.

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