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Engine oil additives for Motorcycle

myth1We all know that our cars need engine oil in order to operate smoothly. The role of engine oil is to keep the moving parts of the engine lubricated, to protect them against rust corrosion, and — with modern detergent oil additives — to keep them free of sludge and general engine gunk.

But most of us also know some things about engine oil that aren’t actually true. For instance, isn’t it always necessary to change your oil every 3, 000 miles (4, 828 kilometers)? And when the color of your oil starts becoming dark, doesn’t that mean that it’s about to fill your engine with harmful sludge?

Well, no.myth3 These ideas are myths and over the next few pages we’ll debunk them, along with a few other engine oil “facts” that don’t happen to be true. A little knowledge isn’t necessarily a dangerous thing, but a little knowledge that doesn’t happen to be true could quite possibly ruin your engine, or at least cost you a lot of unnecessary expense.

1. The “W” in 10W-30 oil stands for “weight.”

When you buy engine oil, it’s important to know the oil’s viscosity, a property that corresponds roughly to its thickness. The less viscous the oil, the more smoothly it moves through your engine and lubricates the moving parts. The best engine oils have a viscosity that is neither so high (thick) that it will barely flow or so low (thin) that it will slip through your engine like water.

There are two ways in which oil viscosity is measured: single grade and multi-grade. SAE 30 is a typical single-grade rating. That means that an organization called the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) ran the oil through a standardized tube-like device and timed how long it took, in seconds, to flow from one end to the other. The viscosity rating is the number of seconds rounded to the nearest multiple of ten. Thus, SAE 30 oil takes approximately 30 seconds to flow through the tube. This single viscosity rating is sometimes called the oil’s “weight.”

Unfortunately, oil changes its viscosity with temperature and the single viscosity rating only represents the flow of oil when it’s warm.myth5 What if you need to start your car on a cold winter morning? The oil will flow more slowly, so the cold viscosity rating is important too. A multi-grade rating gives you both the hot and cold viscosities. For 10W-30 oil, the 30 is the same as the SAE 30 viscosity rating for warm oil, but the 10W is the viscosity rating for cold oil, according to a standardized rating system developed by the SAE for winter oil use.

And that’s what the “W” stands for: “winter.”

2. When engine oil turns dark, it’s dirty and should be changed.

If you’re conscientious about keeping your car in good running order, you probably worry from time to time that your oil has gotten dirty and is causing sludge to build up in your engine. So you pull the dipstick out and check the color of the oil at the tip. Chances are, it’s starting to turn dark, no longer the light amber color that you saw on the stick when your oil was fresh. So now it’s too dirty to use, right? It’s depositing sludge in your engine and needs to be changed.

myth4 myth6
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Popular Q&A

How to cool motorcycle engine oil?

i have recently purchased a new motorcycle. after running for more than 20 km at a stretch the engine gets hot(not very hot but above normal) and it feels very odd to drive it.
I informed the dealer about this and he said the heat is because of the new parts grinding against each other and it will resolve after 3-5k km. Till then he said i have to stop for 5 or 10 minutes and let it cool.
I have noticed that after letting it cool the engine cools down but the crank case still feels hot. Can i splash some water on the crank case(i'll be careful to not hit the engine) or put a damp clot…

Motorcycle engines create power by converting gasoline to heat energy. That causes the engine to get warm. On an air cooled engine, that can get hot enough to burn you if you touch it with bare skin. (Don't do that!). It's perfectly NORMAL! Don't worry about it! and stopping for 10 minutes to let the engine cool is pure BULLPUCKY!
The engine is designed to run properly in that condition and the only time you NEED to stop is to put more gasoline in the tank.

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