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Cutting oil additives Suppliers

Universal Precision end millsUPI specializes in precision medical machined devices requiring highly accurate dimensions and superior finishes, like these end mills.

Universal Precision Instruments, Inc. (Elkhart, Indiana), a contract manufacturer that specializes in precision medical machined devices requiring highly accurate dimensions and superior finishes, seeks continuous improvement and tighter repeatability for its parts production. Therefore, it is always searching for the best practices, tooling and lubrication. At the same time, it wants to be as environmentally responsible as possible for not only its customers, but its workers, neighbors and community.

The company, then known as Bates Machine, began in 1979 as a general-purpose machining operation, and by 1990 was converted into producing primarily instruments and surgical implants especially for orthopedic applications.
Its machining processes make raw metal and material stocks into highly finished parts using CNC lathes, chuckers, mills, EDM, laser etching, grinding, bead blasting, buffing and polishing. Materials that are commonly processed are titanium, stainless steels (including the toughest of alloys), cobalt chrome, Delrin, PEEK, UHMW and aluminum.

Productivity Improvements

Like many other shops in the medical component market, Universal Precision Measurements (UPI) used to use black sulfurized-chlorinated oils, spike additives and heavy-duty solubles to maximize tool life and achieve the best finishes. Where possible, John Zeitler, manufacturing manager at UPI, favored high-powered compounded oils to provide the maximum lubricity and extreme pressure (EP) effectiveness to extend tool life and reach the tightest tolerances with the smoothest finishes.

However, there are some limitations with older-technology neat oils. These include dirtiness created on the machinery, nasty sulfur odors, misting especially under high machining speeds, heat build up, foam with high-fluid delivery rates, cleaning difficulties and environmental issues raised by the disposal of chlorinated paraffins. Water solubles cannot deliver the EP punch and lubrication value, especially on titanium and certain grades of stainless, that oil can. This lubrication deficiency results in lower tool life and more finishing steps to achieve bright surfaces. Consequently, Mr. Zeitler was seeking a lubricant that would eliminate the drawbacks of oil, upgrade the overall quality of his production and save money by reducing tool changes.

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Popular Q&A

Can I use this mineral oil to oil my wood cutting board? Or does it have other additives nonconducive to this application- tocopherols?

This product is designed to be used as a personal laxative. It is not intended for use on cutting boards, however it should not contain any harmful additives that would prevent this product from being able to be used on such items. Whether or not you would like to use this product for this purpose would be left at your discretion.

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