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Janitorial Supplies in Missouri

Janitorial Services

Some of the standard services we offer our clients include:

  • General janitorial – includes taking out trash, cleaning desks and glass surfaces, restrooms, and floor care
  • Medical clinics – we have the specialty of also providing cleaning services to medical clinics
  • Carpet cleaning – we can deep clean carpets and other fabric surfaces in addition to providing spot stain removal
  • Floor maintenance – whether you need floors scrubbed and waxed or just buffed and maintained, we’ve got you covered
  • Final clean – for construction projects of all sizes, we can price a final clean package to meet your needs
  • Glass cleaning – from large structures to single floor offices, we have experienced staff who can handle the toughest glass cleaning jobs
  • Lawn care – if you have professional landscaping or just some general parking lot maintenance, we can keep your offices looking top-notch

Benefits of a Large Janitorial Firm Over a Small One

One of the biggest advantages we bring to the table is our management team. We have full-time management on call 24 hours/day and each client site is assigned one of these managers. This ensures that you never have a lapse in service, have direct access to a manager who can solve problems on the spot, and get personalized care – always.

Experience in Joplin, Missouri Janitorial

Our experience in the region means we know the specific needs of clients in Joplin, Missouri and have tailored our business to serve the community. For example, we noticed early on that our customers need more than just janitorial services. They needed carpet cleaning, hard floor care, and window maintenance as well. So we invested in equipment, training, and staff to meet these needs.

We’ve grown to the point where we now have a full-time floor contracts manager and several other full-time managers who support various sites directly. Each site has an assigned manager so you have a direct point of contact with the management team who can respond aggressively if you have questions, concerns, or emergencies.

Contact Us Today!

No matter what size of business or organization you have, Your Cleaning Specialists has the ability to take care of your site. We’d love the opportunity to prepare a custom quote, so give us a call or send us an email today!

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