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DIY Glass CleanerWho needs Windex when you’ve got this easy recipe for Homemade Glass Cleaner?!?

are so easy to make, and a simple way to save BIG!

Recently frugal friends Priscilla {who owns her own cleaning company}, !Homemade 409 Recipe DIY I’ve been using it ever since, and it works like a charm!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup Water
  • 1/4 cup White Vinegar
  • 2 to 3 drops Dawn Dish Soap
  • Empty Spray Bottle

Homemade Laundry Detergent RecipesWhat You’ll Do:

  • Combine water, white vinegar, and dawn dish soap in an empty spray bottle, and… that’s it!
  • You’ve just made Homemade Glass Cleaner! {EASY!}

I have to admit, I am now completely hooked on homemade glass cleaner! It leaves the windows streak-free, and cleans those smudgy fingerprints from my little guys {who are magnetically attracted to dirt, sand, etc}

It works so well ~ I love it!! {I also really love the price!}

DIY Fabric Softener - Sidebar DIY Foaming-Soap
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S.P. Richards Company - Commercial Genuine Joe GJO02102 Glass Cleaner Refill, 128oz
BISS (S.P. Richards Company - Commercial)
  • For use on glass, windows, Plexiglas, mirrors, tile, countertops, chrome and plastic surfaces
  • Penetrates grease, grime, smoke and other soils
  • Leaves a clear, clean shine
  • Ready-to-use, nonstreaking and nonammoniated cleaner
  • Size: 128.0 fl ounce (4.0 quart)

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Glass Plus Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger, 32 Ounce
Health and Beauty (Glass Plus)
  • Great shine, great price
  • Cuts through dirt, grease and grime
  • Great on stainless steel and granite surfaces
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DIY: Window/glass Cleaner (VEDA 9)
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DBTech Multi-Purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing System with Attachments - Great Handheld Steam Cleaner For Bed Bug Treatment - Clothing, Fabric, Garments, Indoors, Outdoor, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Closet, Patio, Garage and Car
Home (DBTech)
  • Emits 1050 watts of Powerful steam and Can Steam continuously for up to 15-20 minutes
  • All-natural 100-percent chemical-free with no harmful fumes or residue
  • Multi-purpose handheld steamer for deep cleaning throughout the house
  • Removes grease and grime, soap scum from glass, and wrinkles from garments
  • 9 Foot Power Cord For Easy Mobilit also Includes a Flexible extension hose, Bent spray nozzle, Round brush nozzle, Long spray nozzle, Door/window nozzle and more
LIQUID CHALK Ink Markers - 10 Piece Value Kit - LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Receive 22-Page Usage Ideas eBook FREE - Brilliant Bold Colors, Great As Childrens Drawing Chalks. Excellent For Message Boards, Chalkboards & Creating Vibrant Business And Store Signs. 6mm Chisel Tip Pens, Perfect For Use On Whiteboards, Glass, Windows, Metal, Plastic, Ceramics & China. Fabulous For Scrapbooking, These Artist Markers Are Dustless & Easily Erasable!
Home (Chalk This Way)
  • FREE EXCLUSIVE 22-Page Usage Ideas e-book! Usage instructions, handy hints and tips, and some great ideas to spark your creativity to get the most out of your markers!
  • Brilliant, long lasting colors. Won t Smudge, Fade Or Dry Out Quickly
  • Full Solid Color Coverage - Removes Easily With Damp Cloth (From Non-Porous Surfaces)
  • Easy & Safe For Kids 3 Years & Over To Use With Supervision - Non Toxic, Water Based, Acid Free, Xylene Free, Low Odor
  • WARNING: Do Not Use On Porous Surfaces Including Chalk Paint & Other Painted Surfaces, Concrete, Brick, Tile & Wood etc. Always Test On Surface First!
Karcher Karcher WV50 PowerSqueegee
Lawn & Patio (Karcher)
  • Cordless window and flat surface wet vac with 11-inch neoprene blades
  • Streakless cleaning of windows, showers, mirrors, counter tops, stone and granite tiles, and more
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Curved, comfortable ergonomic design makes it easy to use in a wide range of applications
  • 3.5-ounce fluid reservoir easily drains without mess
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