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MSDS Windex Glass Cleaner

Here is chemical breakdown based on MSDS of popular glass cleanersClearVue Professional:
isopropyl alcohol (1-3%) - alcohol
2-butoxyethanol (0.5-1%) - dissolution promoter
propylene glycol methyl ether (3-5%)
acetone (1-3%) - nonpolar solvent

Windex blue:
2-butoxyethanol (0-2%) - dissolution promoter
isopropyl alcohol (0-3%) - alcohol
ammonia - emulsifier

Windex commercial:
2-butoxyethanol (0.5-1.5%) - dissolution promoter
ethylene glycol hexyl ether (0.5-1.5%) - solvent
isopropyl alcohol (1-5%) - alcohol
ammonia - emulsifier

Windex with vinegar:
2-butoxyethanol (5-10%) - dissolution promoter
acetic acid (0-0.25%) - descaler,
ammonia - emulsifier

Stoner Invisible Glass:
isopropyl alcohol - alcohol
2-butoxyethanol - dissolution promoter
acetone - nonpolar solvent

Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner:
isopropyl alcohol (1-5%) - alcohol
propylene glycol butyl ether (1-5%)

Eagle One 20/20:
isopropyl alcohol - alcohol
glycol ether

Amway/Quixtar LOC Plus:
2-butoxyethanol - dissolution promoter
propylene glycol methyl ether
propylene glycol butyl ether

Amway/Quixtar See-Spray:
isopropyl alcohol - alcohol
2-butoxyethanol - dissolution promoter
ammonia - emulsifier
isobutane - propellant
anti-fog agent

Westley's Glass Cleaner:
2-butoxyethanol (5%) - dissolution promoter
isopropyl alcohol (5-20%) - alcohol
sodium alkyl olefin sulfonate (1-5%) - surfactant
other surfactant (1-5%)

3M Glass Cleaner concentrate:
2-butoxyethanol (20-40%) - dissolution promoter
acetone (20-40%) - nonpolar solvent
isopropyl alcohol (20-40%) - alcohol

Eimann Fabrik Clear Vision:
2-butoxyethanol (0.5-1%) - dissolution promoter
methyl alcohol (10-15%) - alcohol
isopropyl alcohol (20-35%) - alcohol

Glass Plus (from US patent 5254284):
silicone glycol (0.01-1%) - anti-fogging agent
xanthan gum (0.01-1%) - anti-fogging agent

Castrol Accuvision (rain repellent):
propylene glycol butyl ether (0-5%)
isopropyl alcohol (0-5%) - alcohol
ethylene glycol (0-2%)
proprietary additives (0-5%)

That explains "how" more expensive glass cleaners like ClearVue can outperform Windex. The mix of alcohol + acetone + PGME has a better chance than ammonia at cleaning random goop. A diverse set of cleaning agents is more effective against a broader spectrum of contaminants than a single cleaning agent.

Chemical differences between Rain-X and Aquapel (Castrol Accuvision)

RainX consists of ethanol (1-10%), isopropanol (75-95%), polysiloxanes, and organosilanes. An organosilane molecule has two ends - the "silane" end electrically bonds to surfaces like glass. Such a bond is not easy break - organosilane treatments can only be removed mechanically, by polishing with an abrasive and taking off some of the glass with it! (ClearVue will not completely strip RainX from glass, though it will thin down a thick application of RainX.) The "organofunctional" end both links with other siloxane molecules, and serves an application-specific purpose: in this case creating a hydrophoic surface that repels water. The polysiloxanes promote crosslinking (applying a better film).

Together, they make glass repel water. Normally, glass adheres to water; think of the meniscus you can see on the surface of a glass of water. But if glass repels water, water tends to bead up and roll off the glass.

RainX-type agents do seem to work as advertised, though it gradually degrades and must be reapplied.

RainX is really good for side windows, especially on vans, minivans, and SUV's. RainX works well on side windows because the airflow goes right along it. RainX lasts longer on side windows because the coating does not get rubbed by wiper blades.

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Popular Q&A

Is windex glass cleaner good to clean diamonds?

You can clean a diamond with soap and water. It's not necessary to purchase any special cleaner for the stone.
In addition, unless you are cleaning loose stones, soap and water is probably the most safe for the setting metal.

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