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Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner

new window cleaning solutionA new heavy duty glass cleaning solution was released by Balcony Systems. The BalcoNano heavy duty glass cleaner is capable of restoring the shine even of deeply stained glassware.

Windows can be heavily contaminated as grime gets deeper in surface deteriorated glass. Due to corrosion and no cleaning for a long time, grime can cause contamination and make windows look cloudy and dim.

BalcoNano® heavy duty cleaner works the grime out of any glassware. Window cleaning is no longer to be postponed, now that the right cleaning product is already available. Standard cleaners lack the harsh cleaning power able to cut through build-up.

Applied with a soft cloth, Balco Nano loosens dirt stuck inside. The surface is to be polished later until it dries and its natural shine will be restored.

Balco Nano relies on acidic cleansing properties to cut through grime. Balcony Systems have come up with a post cleaning solution, too. Glass protection is what they recommended and point out the qualities of their BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating. Sealing the already sparkling surface is a smart step towards reducing the chance of grime building up in the future. A thick film is formed over the glass surface called a self-cleaning layer. No water and grime are left, the glass is sealed and clean for longer.

BalcoNano® heavy duty cleaner can remove all coating so in case too much of the BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating is applied, eliminating the surplus is not a problem.

Both solutions come in child safe containers. The coating product is available in easy to apply sachets.

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What do you recommend for a HEAVY DUTY cleaner?

What do you recommend for cleaning heavy duty messes? Cleaning a tenants apartment where her dog had urinated in the bathroom all the time. Got most of it up but there is some built up residue and smell. Tried oxy orange for pets, comet and Clorox spray bleach. I need something obviously more heavy duty than this. What do you recommend? I want something that will almost eat away at the floor tiles, etc.

How about an S.O.S. pad? Or steel wool and Comet.

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