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Glass stove spots best Cleaners

Bon Ami and Bar Keeper's Friend might be cleansers that contain some grit.
Look for the words, "Hasn't scratched yet" on the label and only use that one.
Cleansers work because they are actually scratching the surface dirt off. Be very careful about what you use because these cooktops are expensive. The more you scratch, the more you will have to scratch to clean it. A vicious circle.

By mary (Guest Post)

I had water spots on a black glass top stove. I tried the barkeepers friend and it took a lot of it off! The top looks a whole lot better and its shiny too now! It also took off burned on food and grease. It did a beautiful job. That's the only thing I will use from now on. Do you have any advice on how to remove scratches on the black glass top? Thanks very much!

By Cindy (Guest Post)

Bon Ami or Bar Keeper's Friend are powdered cleansers that are SOOOO much cheaper than all that special cooktop cleaning stuff and works even better! I returned my "real" cooktop cleaner and have kept my glass cooktop in excellent condition - even with husband and kids cooking on it! - by cleaning it with these cheap cleansers once a week or so.

These are probably hard water mineral stains. Read your user manual to find out the type of cleanser they recommend.

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