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Glass Cleaner with Vinegar

Last year, I tried to make my own glass cleaner with black tea and vinegar. It was disastrous.

A black film clung to my bathroom mirror for weeks. It looked like you were brushing your teeth in an old Bela Lugosi film.

Finally, when I got tired of pretending I was a vampire, I scrubbed it down with some old dry newspaper (paper towels were like, “Um, no. You made this mess. YOU clean it up”) and things got back to normal.

Tip time: For extra-shiny, streak-free mirrors, do a final wipe with (black and white) newspaper. It’s kinda awesome.

In any case, I haven’t had the courage to venture back into the realm of homemade glass cleaners until this moment – when I happen to be out of my 7th Generation. Remember how running out of store-bought things works when you want the impetus to try making something at home?

In all the searching I did for glass cleaners, I found three options I wanted to try. And then I came up with an award-winning fourth.

I mean, I gave myself the award. It was covered in white chocolate.

So, here we have:

Really, these are just recipes that use almost the same ingredients – plus or minus a few.

To prepare for the epic showdown, I splattered toothpaste all over my bathroom mirror, and then topped it off with a few healthy spritzes of Fiance’s icky hairspray. Then, I divided up sections with fancy blue painter’s tape.

It was a scientifically controlled masterpiece. Someone alert the people who give out the sciency awards for masterpieces.

My initial plan was to show the results of the sectioned off pieces of mirror so you could see which recipe worked the best.

There was a snag. It was completely impossible to tell, via pictures, how well each formulation worked. They were all relatively successful, but one was a stand-out winner. So instead of a true-life picture, I’m giving you my artist’s rendering of what each section of the mirror looked like. Again, alert the sciency awards people (and let them know I like white chocolate).

That’s right. I put straight white vinegar on the first section of mirror, and it worked surprisingly well, though it wasn’t fantastic. It wiped off the toothpaste like a charm, but the hairspray pretty much stayed put. Also, there were more streaks with this formulation.

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Popular Q&A

Homemade glass/window cleaner WITHOUT vinegar?

i need to make a homemade window cleaner, but i don't have any white vinegar. any suggestions?

There may be as many recipes for this as for meatloaf or chili !!
I've used the first one but not the second:
1 cup isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
1 cup water
1 TBsp. lemon juice
1/8 tsp. dishwashing liquid
2 cups water
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 tsp. dishwashing liquid

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