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Glass Cleaner brands in India

Colin Glass Household Cleaner has vinegar as the main ingredient, Vinegar is known for its strong cleansing action. Colin Glass Household Cleaner has proved itself in Indian households, schools, offices, etc. Colin Glass Household Cleaner is strong and affective against tough stains, girt. Colin Glass Household Cleaner makes all the glasses and windows shine. Reckitt Benckiser India is a dynamic, vibrant and exciting place due to the strength and potential of our Power brands that are being rolled out in India. Their innovations over the last year have been Dettol Hand Sanitizer, Harpic Hygienic Toilet Rim Block and Veet wax strips. Colin is a leading Glass & Household cleaner, which makes cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces and appliances a breeze. It is the number one player in the glass cleaner category. Start cleaning with Colin and experience the difference.
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  • A true organic laundry soap, natural detergent & all-purpose, green household cleaner. Hypoallergenic & fragrance free. Ideal for sensitive skin & noses...

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Which glass brand is best in india?


Amidst all the names, technical sounding ones were less appealing, and ones with a softer and emotive bent resonated more with the design team as well as with other members of the A&D community at Gensler. Alice stood out above the rest. It instantly connects to the world of glass. It comes from the main character from the story “Alice in Wonderland” who is transported to an imaginary world through the looking glass. The fantasy and imagination speaks to the creative process, and has a tone of whimsy and fun, not to mention memorability. It adds warmth and a personality to what would ot…

What are the best brands producing glass cleaner?

There are many types and brands of glass cleaner. If a person is looking for window glass probably the best product is Windex. There are also cleaners for eye glasses as well.

What brand of cleaner can I use to clean a glass range top?

You can use baking soda and distilled white vinegar to clean a glass range top and not be abrasive. !

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