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Fuel additives mileage

Try putting some Additives in your fuel. Sounds strange coming from me, but that is something you can do "Right Now" to start improving your motors fuel efficiency.

Auto makers, big business, and government do everything in their power to limit the efficiencies of our vehicles. We are stuck with a 14.7 to 1 air fuel ratio. That is the reason for our excess fuel consumption. We need leaner fuel; higher ratios of air; 16 - 20 is what Europe uses. Their vehicle computers allow it; ours do not. So what can you do about it?

Start by finding a good quality gasoline; one that does not contain alcohol. This may be a challenge but it is one worth seeking out. Alcohol has a slower burn rate than gasoline. When your fuel contains 10% alcohol, it is watered down so to speak. It is not as volatile. It will not produce as much energy when it burns. Your mileage will drop like a rock. Oh, but you paid less per gallon for it; that is a savings; Bull! You didn't save anything if your mileage dropped by 10 to 20 percent; and it will. It used to be that, major oil companies did not add alcohol to their fuel; now they do; and they do not necessarily have to tell you in most States. If you can find non-ethanol gasoline, they may charge a few cents more per gallon, but your vehicle will perform better and your mileage will benefit. So how do you know if alcohol is in the gasoline - if It does not have to be advertised on the pumps? Ask the station manager. If they do not know, chances are, it contains alcohol. Once you find a quality gasoline, it may take a few tanks to use up all of the existing alcohol content. Each time you add fuel, you are mixing it with old fuel (unless you run all of the old fuel out). Get in the habit of keeping track of your mileage. Write it down.

Try to use pumps that are on level ground. If the vehicle is pointing down hill, it will allow you to put more fuel in the tank. If it is pointing up hill, it will allow less fuel. Also consider the pumping speed. Try to pump the fuel at the same rate. When it clicks off, stop; don't add any more (for pumps that are good, not high pressure pumps). Find a pumping rate that you can relate to. I use a counting method. I try to pump a gallon every 10 seconds; that is 1/10th gallon every second. Pumping at the same rate, from the same pump is the best way I have found to track my local mileage. When I go on trips, I use BP, Citgo, Chevron, Marathon, and Exxon oil companies. I have heard that Texaco gasoline is good, and some Shell blends. If you have to pay more per gallon to get non alcohol fuel, do it.

Number one thing: Fool your computer by adding an EFIE circuit to your O2 sensor. Your O2 sensor reports any oxygen in your exhaust - to the computer. The computer says, ah, you...

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