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Fuel additives bunker fuels

Maritime Transport utilises lowest grade of fuel to run its propelling plant. This is one of the reasons which make it the cheapest mode for transporting goods to different countries. However, by using such low grade fuel, eco system can be severely damaged from harmful exhaust of the ships.

To reduce such causes of pollution, several guidelines are made which helps in reducing emission from the ship as well as offer ways to make the process of running the massive main propulsion plant and other auxiliary services on board ship more economical.

Marine fuel oils used for merchant ships are selected as per the requirements laid down by the regulation authority under MARPOL and according to the area where the ship usually functions. On the basis of these factors, along with several others, marine fuel oil and fuel oil system selection is done.

On what basis is Marine Fuel Oil Selection done?

  • If the fuel is derived from petroleum process then it should be a blend of hydro carbons derived from refining and it may contain additives.
  • The fuel oil should be free from inorganic acids
  • It shall not exceed sulphur content more than 3.5% globally and 1.0% for special areas
  • Flash point of the fuel used onboard ship must be at least 60 °C

Factors Necessary for a Fuel System Installation and working

  • The biggest fuel bunker tank on ship should have maximum capacity not more than 2000m3
  • The entire fuel oil tank within machinery spaces must be provided with quick closing valve operational from remote position.
  • Vent must be provided to all tanks to prevent over pressurising
  • Pipes used for fuel oil must be of steel and as per the required pressure of the system
  • Material for valves used in fuel system is steel or spheroid cast iron
  • All high temperature pipes are covered with heat retardant lagging
  • All high pressure pipe used in injection system must be double jacketed or double walled type

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