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Caterpillar and fuel additives

A Diesel Fuel Supplement With Cold Flow Improver

Bells Super Premium DEE-ZOL PLUS contains all the wonderful benefits and characteristics of Bells Super Premium DEE-ZOL. In addition, it conditions the fuel for cold weather with a cold flow improver to which protects to -10o F.


The quality of diesel fuel has been on a steady decline since 1973. With todays poor quality fuels expect: breakdown hesitation, filter clogging, injector malfunctions, erratic combustion efficiency, intolerable emissions, moisture, sludge, algae, fungus and poor fuel economy.

All diesel stocks contain high concentrations of paraffin, with the low sulfur fuels containing the most. As the ambient temperature drops, solid wax crystals form in the fuel. The temperature at which these crystals form is the "cloud point". The crystalline formation continues as the temperature drops and the wax begins to collect on the fuel filter. Eventually, the wax build-up will choke the fuel supply, completely clogging the fuel filter. The "Cold Filter Plug Point" (CFPP) is the temperature at which the fuel becomes so viscous that it will barely allow the fuel to flow. At this point, filters are normally completely clogged and the equipment will no longer function.

Kerosene or gasoline is sometimes added to diesel to dilute its paraffin content and the (CFPP). However, this also reduces the BTU value and the lubrication properties of the fuel. The result is less power and reduced lubrication for the fuel injectors and the valves, which can eventually ruin the engine.


In many countries around the world, fuel injector pumps are suffering failure when Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel is introduced. Common problems include: Rubber "O" rings on the throttle rods shrink allowing the fuel to blow past the seal as it rushes out the side of the pump.

Rubber seals on fuel injection heads shrink, allowing fuel to leak past the seal.

Metering rods in the pumps stick because of reduced lubricity of the fuel, causing the engine to stall.

Rubber "O" rings on the fuel injection nozzle can shrink, allowing fuel to dribble down into the cylinder and wash the cylinder out, diluting the oil. In Low Sulfur Fuel, waxes and paraffin are less stable and will fall out of solution causing loss of BTU value and creating more sludge. This fuel also does not burn as well resulting in more soot in the oil. This means the oil gets thicker, darker and dirtier faster than before. The result...more oil changes. Low Sulfur Fuel also has less lubricity meaning more wear to the top cylinder area and fuel delivery systems.


Bells Super Premium DEE-ZOL PLUS with Anti-Gel was the worlds first multi-functional fuel additive containing a cold flow improver. The Anti-Gel in Bells Super Premium DEE-ZOL PLUS reduces the size of the wax crystals so that they will pass through the fuel filter. Diesel engine operators all over the world have benefited from the cold flow improver capabilities of DEE-ZOL PLUS.
  • Also available is DEE-ZOL PLUS, ALASKAN BLEND which contains double the Anti-Gel compound or custom blending can be done for climates where sustained temperatures fall below -25o F. or Bells Cold Flow Improver can be used.


1: EPA directed a 90% reduction in the sulfur content of diesel fuel as part of the Clean Air Act. The change occurred in October 1993.
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