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Are fuel additives worthwhile

In a crowded marketplace for fuel additives to treat gas, diesel or ethanol, there are lots of choices out there. Consumers are confused and hesistant, perhaps because of bad experiences that they or someone they know have had. What consumers want as much as anything else is a good Return On Investment - they want to save more money than they spend. That's why fuel additives cite mileage so often - drivers can identify with shifts in their gas mileage and are able to create a "value proposition" in their mind. When an additive bottle tells them they can expect 10% better mileage, they can figure out what that's actually worth to them in ways they can't with less apparent or more general benefit claims ("makes your engine last longer"). So, are fuel additives worth the money?

Paying Attention To Treat Rate

The market for fuel additives is split into "one-shots" and "concentrates". One-shot additives are identified with brands like STP. They are usually 8 to 12 oz. bottles that are poured entirely into the gas tank in "one shot". Hence, a one-shot additive has to contain enough active ingredients to treat one full tank of fuel. And they're usually priced so as to hit a "price point" that's profitable for the manufacturer but low enough that the consumer doesn't think that hard about what they're spending. The science of price points is what makes those infomercials tell you "how much would you pay for all this? Only 3 easy payments of 19.99".

On the other side of the field are the Concentrates. This is Bell Performance's traditional domain. For years, Bell products like Mix-I-Go and Dee-Zol have been sold in concentrate form, with a treat rate of one ounce treating ten gallons of fuel. The total price for the concentrate bottle is higher than the one-shot bottle; Bell Performance usually sells a quart of concentrate for around $23.

If the consumer sees a bottle of STP Fuel Treatment next to a bottle of Mix-I-Go Concentrate, they have a choice to make. The bottle of one-shot STP may cost $5, while the Mix-I-Go Concentrate probably costs $25 under a retail pricing structure. Many consumers would instinctively grab the five buck option. Yet if they do this without really considering the issue of Return On Investment, they may end up making a decision they regret, because there's a big difference in the treat rate between the two.

That $5 bottle of STP will treat one tank of gas. If you have a 15 gallon tank, then that comes out to about 33 cents for each gallon of gas you're treating. Considering gas being around $3.30 a gallon, the consumer (if they've gotten this far) reasons "ok, I'm paying 10% more but think of the benefits I'm going to get with STP. It's worth it to me".

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  • PRI-G is a fuel stabilizer that preserves stored fuels in refinery fresh condition for years.

Popular Q&A

Can you use jet fuel as diesel fuel? what additives are needed?

It should work fine. But the economics are probably against you -- jet fuel usually costs more. Also, there may be a legal issue, as road use taxes have not been paid on jet fuel. That has not stopped some people from operating their diesel-powered vehicles (unlawfully) with heating oil.

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