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Are fuel additives needed

A diesel fuel additive can improve lubricity within the engine.Diesel fuel additives are just one of the best technologies ever created for the automotive industry. They provide numerous benefits ranging from better fuel economy to lesser emissions. In this article, we discuss some factors that will help us learn more about these products and how they work. If you would like to skip the learning curve and go straight to Part 2 review, please click here.

Diesel Fuel Additive and Lubricity

A diesel fuel additive can help prevent the formation of carbon deposits on the valves of engines.Lubricity has always been a term often mistaken for viscosity or the thickness of fuel. However, the lubrication properties of a certain fuel is not directly connected to its thickness but rather to its components which stops wear and tear of colliding surfaces. Following this, lubricity can then be defined as the measure in which a lubricant can reduce friction.

Before, the lubricity of diesel fuels were enough to offer the needed protection required for an engine to provide adequate performance. Diesel fuels were naturally made before with sulfur compounds that give its lubricating properties. However, this changed because of regulations in certain countries (e.g. EU and US) which mandated the removal of sulfur.additive1 Nowadays, reformulated diesel fuels have lower lubricity properties and usually need the help of a diesel fuel additive that offers lubrication properties to prevent excessive engine wear.

Fuel Economy

In automobiles, fuel economy refers to the relationship between the distance traveled and the fuel used by the vehicle. Fuel economy has always been a big issue in the automobile industry due to fuel consumption being a great contributor to air pollution and a big player in a nation’s foreign trade. Due to these, it has always been under the interest of many to improve fuel economy.

The problem, however, is that fuel economy is not an easy thing to achieve because of some processes that commonly happen within an engine itself. A lower fuel consumption is not always achieved due to incomplete internal combustion typical in engines. When a fuel does not get proper combustion, it doesn’t produce the same amount of energy that it was supposed to provide. This is just one of the reasons why the cost per gallon and fluctuating fuel prices are such a heavy issue for motorists.

A diesel fuel additive, however, can help improve this in a number of ways. For example, a diesel fuel additive can help promote the expending of a fuel’s chemical energy by preventing the formation of carbon deposits that usually form during incomplete combustion. With the absence of these blockages, fuel efficiency is improved and the engine can operate smoother than usual.

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  • Prevents future problems from occurring due to ethanol in gas
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  • Rejuvenates rubber and plastic components in the carburator
  • Ethanol Shield Creates a better bond between ethanol blended fuel (E-10) and 2 cycle oil.
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  • 32 ounce bole. Treats up to 512 gallons
  • PRI-G is a fuel stabilizer that preserves stored fuels in refinery fresh condition for years.

Popular Q&A

Can you use jet fuel as diesel fuel? what additives are needed?

It should work fine. But the economics are probably against you -- jet fuel usually costs more. Also, there may be a legal issue, as road use taxes have not been paid on jet fuel. That has not stopped some people from operating their diesel-powered vehicles (unlawfully) with heating oil.

Does a 1978 dodge d100 with a 6.6l v8 truck need a fuel additive?

When you put regular gas in the truck, buy some octane boost and and add the whole bottle to the fuel tank. It gave my 75 360 ci better power and starting.
The above answer is incorrect and nothing more than a myth. Adding octane boost will not give you more power nor better mileage. Use exactly the octane fuel the manufacture recommends. Using a higher octane is a total waste of money. Fuel additives are another in a long line of snake oil products created and sold to take some of your money. The only thing you should ever add to your fuel is a can of fuel injector cleaner once a year …

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