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Boat Cleaning Product - Eco FriendlyBoats are a big investment and are an essential part of recreation for many boat owners today. Maintaining them regularly is, therefore, nothing short of safeguarding that investment. Exposure to fuel, oil, saltwater, inconsistent weather and the rays of the sun can easily soil the exterior. Detailing, consequently, may take your weekends even rare off days from your leisure life. However, with good boat cleaning products and with proper guidance from the professional detailing services, the job can be handled with ease.

Most boats today are made from fiberglass with an outer coating called gelcoat. This coat gives the boat a beautiful and shiny appearance. To maintain that shine, the exterior needs to be cleaned and waxed regularly. There are many tools and countless cleaning products on the market which can help you maintain the original new look of the boat. Vinyl cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, glass cleaner, fiberglass cleaner, all purpose cleaner and many more are normally used to clean the boats. The list of these products are endless, also are the tasks at the detailing end.

Professional Quality

One would not expect an average person to have stacked all these products on their shelf at home. But, the more you have them in store for specific uses, the easier your job would be of boat cleaning. Boats are always sailing in water. They are in the sunlight a lot. Therefore, you want to use cleaning products that provide UV protection for their gelcoat and paint. Products that are of professional quality are going to give you superior results and typically, with today’s investments in boats, you would not take chances with lesser quality material. You also should not use flammable products.

Boat Cleaning Product - Baking Soda and VinegarMany of these cleaning products whether used for boats in the water or on land, are toxic to animals, marine life and to humans. They harm your boat as well as adversely affect the environment. You rarely know which one is unhealthy and which one is helpful. You can minimize the problem by using simple, naturally available products to clean the boat.

Non Chemical Based

As a result, it is recommendation to use eco-friendly products such as boat-wash wax and heavy-duty boat-wash of standard make which are readily available on the market. These low foaming cleaners and waxes always clean and shine the metal, fiberglass and painted marine surfaces of the boat and are eco-friendly. The products are actually made from plants and mineral-based ingredients. Making us aware that they do not harm the biodiversity of the waters nor do they create any harmful side effects in humans. Choosing green cleaning alternatives for your routine boat maintenance, therefore, protects surroundings and saves you money in the long run.

Baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice are definitely not toxic. They are, in fact, perfect alternatives to the chemical based cleaners such as bleaches, scouring powders and detergents and are found in every household. But they sometimes mean a bit more work. On the other hand, they also mean a cleaner, safer boat and its marine environment.

Meguiar's Meguiar's M4965 Marine/RV Fiberglass Restoration System
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Meguiar's)
  • Three step process to restore fiberglass gelcoats
  • Oxidation remover takes care of wear
  • Polish restores brilliant gloss
  • Pure wax provides durable protection for surface

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Meguiar's Meguiar's M5716 Marine/RV Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner & Protectant - 16 oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Meguiar's)
  • Cleans and revitalizes vinyl and rubber surfaces
  • Restores rich natural sheen to color
  • Screens out damaging UV rays
  • Ideal way to help keep surfaces from cracking or drying out
Meguiar's Meguiar's M4716 Marine/RV Hard Water Spot Remover - 16 oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Meguiar's)
  • Removes tough hard water spots
  • Thick low drip formula remains on vertical surfaces for easy cleaning
  • New technology chemically embraces and lifts mineral deposits
  • Protects surface from future water spots
  • Easy to apply and easy to wipe off
Meguiar's Meguiar's M6316 Flagship Premium Marine Wax - 16 oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Meguiar's)
  • Enriches color and shine
  • Protects against UV damage and wear
  • Removes light oxidation and dullness
  • Adds long-lasting protection against wear
  • 16 oz size
Marine 31 Porter Cable 7424xp Marine 31 Boat Oxidation Removal Kit
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Marine 31)
  • Porter Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher with Lake Country Dual Action 5 Inch Flexible Backing Plate
  • 16 oz. Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Oxidation Cleaner, 16 oz. Marine 31 Gel Coat Final Step Polish, 16 oz. Marine 31 Gel Coat Carnauba Wax + Sealant
  • 20 oz. Marine 31 Gel Coat Wax & Shine Detail Spray
  • Lake Country CCS 6.5 inch Orange, White and Blue Pads
  • Foam Pad Conditioning Brush with 2 Microfiber Detailing Cloths (16 x 16 inches) (color may vary)

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