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Its now standard practice for detailers to include headlights in the machine polishing antics. So much so, we are currently adding Presta Headlight Restoration Creme to the site. All this polishing isn’t just for aesthetics either, as cloudy lenses can cause a dramatic reduction in visibility. With safety in mind you’ve gathered all the equipment, given your headlights a good polish before enjoying the final results.

We then get to the subject of protection. A good wax or sealant will give protection against UV rays and a Nano coating would be even better, but Malco have decided this isn’t enough. Don’t be fooled by the name Headlight sealant, this is more clear coat in a bottle. Malco already offer an aerosol clear coat for headlights, but understand that from a detailing perspective aerosols are the anti christ.

You’ll also notice the bottle (below) markets the product as a trim restorer too. Being the owner of a Hyundai Coupe there is a known fault with the passenger side rear window seal, and nothing i’ve ever tried has truely solved the problem. Most trim dressings will improve things but soon wash away.

With this in mind it was time to get the test started. Here is the trim in question, rather faded and looking dreadful. The handy applicator stick comes with the product and is designed to allow for an even coverage.

At this stage it’s very important to mask up, as mentioned above this stuff dries like a clear coat and would cause all manner of problems if it got on the paint or glass.

The application was fairly tricky, not helped by the fact it’s quite hard to get the product on the edge of the foam stick. Once on the stick you must act quickly to cover the affected area before the product starts to dry.

You’ll notice a white line on the top edge of the trim, this is where the foam stick caught the sealant as it started to dry…no less than 45 seconds after initial application.

The instructions recommend a second coat, but this time I used a cotton wool pad for application. This made it easier to apply the product in the tight and confined area of the trim. On headlights the foam stick will come in very handy to achieve an even coverage.

After two coats and over an hour drying time here are the final results.

The initial shine has settled down somewhat, leaving a more satin finish. However it still appears to be ‘soaking’ into parts of the tim.

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Malco Malco Xtrax Carpet Upholstery Fabric Cleaner Detailing Professional Products
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Malco)
  • VOC Compliant
  • Specially Formulated Product
  • Deep Cleaning Foaming Spray
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Convenient 19 fluid oz size
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professional auto detailing products
Flash Auto Detailing Products
Flash Auto Detailing Products
Two products: Professional Series Malco Showroom Shine cleans, polishes and waxes paint, metal and glass. Malco Prizm Plus Makes Your Tires, Rubber Trim and Vinyl shine. Protects against cracking and fading. Great for Cars, Trucks and vans.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Malco)
  • Showroom shine quickly removes dust, smudges and fingerprints from auto finishes and leaves a bright, glossy, protective shine.
  • Showroom shine cleans and waxes metal, glass, and painted surfaces
  • removes dust and fingerprints. leaves a bright, glassy shine
  • eliminates the need for constant washing protects surfaces from fingerprints, smudges and smears
  • Prizm plus is a tire, rubber trim and vinyl shine. They will look new. Protects agains fading and cracking.
Professional Malco Brand Instant Out Powerful Carpet Cleaner. No Scrub and No Vacuum. Remover Oil Based and Water Based Stains. Works on Cars, Trucks, Vans and Even Works in the Home. Works Great on Old and New Stains. Even Pet Stains.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (malco)
  • Malco 18oz Instant Out carpet cleaner. I own a car dealership and this is the best spot remover I have ever used.
  • Non foaming. Just spray it on and walk away. No vacuuming or scrubbing. Removes stubborn stains
  • Removes oil based and water based stains like ink, grease, oil, tar, cola, coffee, pet stains blood, lipstick and much more
  • Use it in your home for those tough carpet stains. If you have kids or pets this is a most have product
  • Malco is a professional line of cleaning and detailing products. The best line of products we have ever used in our business.
Two Products: Professional Series Malco Showroom Shine Cleans, Polishes and Waxes Paint, Metal and Glass. Malco Cw-37 Wash. Detail Cleaning. Great for Cars, Trucks and Vans.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (malco)
  • Malco show room shine 22 ounces is the very best spray on cleaner and wax
  • cleans and waxes metal, glass, and paint. Removes dust and fingerprints
  • Leaves a bright, glossy shine. Eliminates need for constant washing
  • Protects surfaces from fingerprints, smudges, and smears
  • Malco car wash 8 oz is biodegradable free rinsing. Helps eliminate spotting. Super strong 1 ounce per 3 gallons water

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