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Detailing products in China

The rise of the Chinese middle class is fast creating opportunities for brands in many industries. Wine is one formerly rare luxury now booming in popularity in China, now the world’s largest market for red wine. Gone are the days when the Chinese poured lemonade into their expensive red wine to soften the flavour – in the last five years, wine consumption in China has doubled twice.

Branding agency Landor has been working with global Australian wine brand Jacob’s Creek to tailor its branding specifically for the China market. Marketing chatted with Landor executive creative director Mike Staniford and account director Nicole Corrigan about the Chinese wine market and what Jacob’s Creek is doing with its brand.

MK: To start off with, can you explain what you’ve done with the Jacob’s Creek brand and what is different about it for the China market?

MS: We’ve been working with Jacob’s Creek for the last two years, globally repositioning the brand and giving it a confirmed, stronger position in the world. We’re considering every market that it plays into, and off the back of that, creating new identity and new packaging for the brand. As China is becoming one of the most significant emerging markets for wine drinkers, Jacob’s Creek has a fairly large role to play in that market. And of course we’ve been working on the way the packaging looks and appeals to consumers in China, which is quite different I think in many respects to the rest of the world.

jacobs creek china bottleMK: Before we go into detail on the look of the products for the Chinese market, can you explain some of the insights behind what makes China different?

MS: You’ve got so many emerging new consumers that are very, very quickly coming up to speed with knowledge of wine and wine brands. We’ve been involved very closely with our Shanghai and Beijing offices to understand those consumers, understand what’s happening in the market and the way consumers are reacting to products and brands. There’s a tendency to seek the reassurance and safety of what I would call ‘traditional wine language’ – French brands have been operating there and doing incredibly well in China for much longer for the Australian brands, and therefore they’ve grown up with a history of the tradition of French wine labels. Also you’ve got the cultural traditions and semiotics that go with Chinese colours, expectations of style and look and feel, etc.

MK: So taking that into account, what kind of look have you gone for?

MS: Well we’ve taken the global Jacob’s Creek look, which I would sort of describe as a contemporary spin on the classic look and feel, and because it’s at a more premium price point, there’s a lot more embellishment with gold and embossing and traditional treatment. Also with story – I think Chinese consumers like the fact that brands have authority and heritage and therefore stories really matter, as they do with most of the French labels.

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