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Car Detailing products for Sale

could be financially rewarding? Yes in my opinion it can. The first way is when you keep up on your own vehicles exterior appearance. This will also protect the book value. When you look at the book value it provides 3 average figures.

Basically this breaks down into low, medium and high. On high end cars like the 2007 Aston Martin Vanquish pictured on the right the steps up in value are large. Regardless of the type of automobile you'll never get the highest number (full retail) unless your vehicle is in outstanding exterior condition.

You can achieve this with regular car cleaning and detailing. Another way that automobile detailing can be financially rewarding is to start your own detailing business from the ground up.

This is one of the last in a box type businesses that can be started from grass roots with no franchise fees, without large overhead and reasonable initial start up costs. There is no question that the mobile car detailing business when executed correctly can be very profitable and time flexible.

You will need 2 important things to succeed and grow. High quality of service and learn how to market and sell the business particularly online. People love the convenience of having the perfect service performed at their home or work location.

This comfort is rewarded with top dollar price points. The mobile business is still an open field. My neighbor makes a good income detailing upscale vehicles in lawyers and doctor's offices. He started out with local ones and then began to spread out in a circular pattern from his home base. Obviously, the shorter the drive to the job the bigger the profit. But this is not why he succeeded where others have failed.

He is very good at car detailing and using social media for marketing the business. Word of mouth has spread to the point where he is booked solid for two weeks out. I believe in detailing my own truck but I like to have my friend do my fiberglass boat.

Recently he is so busy that he keeps putting me on the back burner. If you are interested in hearing more of his personal story I have posted a quick article about how my friend took the slow path on getting started in the .

Well the last and best way to financially benefit is to buy a used car that looks kind of shabby and polish it into a jewel. I have done this many times for profit.

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