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Has anyone on here used any products from Car Brite? A guy I met at work uses their products and really seems to like them. A distributor comes around every 2 weeks and you can buy from his inventory on his truck. He also said they give a seminar one every 3 months or so and detail a car and show how to use their products. I was just curious to see if anyone on here has heard of them or used there products.

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Originally Posted by JustPassinThru
They have been around for years.
Quite an extensive line of products geared towards the professional market.
I have a friend that uses them a lot and is happy with the products and the pricing, but his main reason for using them is the rep stopping by to keep their product inventory up to date.
I also know of at least one car rental place that uses their products q lot with good results.
The products seem to be decent, but the size of containers would be a stretch for most hobby detailers.
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Thanks for the reply CHarlesW. The guy I work with does some detailing out of his home and is really pleased with their products. He has given me a smaple of their Blue Max general purpose cleaner and it seems to do a pretty good job. He also gave me some of their nano wax to try too, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm researching alot on here and debating about starting a detail business on the side. I work for one of the "Big 3" automakers and with the way things look with all the down sizing, I would like to have a plan B up and going if and when it affected me. I enjoy cleaning cars and I do a friends Peterbilt on occasion. I'm no professional by any means, but I want to work towards becoming one and this forum has a wealth of information. I just want to find the best products to use and give the results I want in the least amount of time.

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Originally Posted by JustPassinThru
One thing to remember about detailing products in general...process is 90% product is 10%

You can take a well experienced detailer and with a cheap product still turn good to great results...on the other hand the most expensive line in the hands of inexperienced people can turn marginal results.

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Amico 2 Pcs Bright Red 5mm Inner Diameter Interior Door Lock Caps for Car
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  • Product Name : Interior Door Lock Cover;Inner Thread Diameter : 5mm / 0.2
  • Outer Diameter : 8mm / 0.3 ;Total Size(Approx.) : 55 x 13mm / 2.1 x 0.5 (L * Max. D)
  • Material : Alloy;Color : Bright Red
  • Net Weight : 15g
  • Package Content : 2 Pcs x Interior Door Lock Cover
3D Car Care Products HD Metal Polish - Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish - 16 oz
Kitchen (3D Car Care Products)
  • Powerful All-Purpose Metal Polish
  • Safe For Chrome, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Other Precious Metal Surfaces.
  • Makes Diamond Plate Like Chrome
  • Amazing on Aluminum Wheels
  • Restores to a Mirror Shine
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