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Best interior Detailing products

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Before and AfterWould You Like Your Car to Look New Again?

Is Your Car Feeling Neglected?

Detailing is the art of towel manipulation, the use of gentle products, brushes, and machines using a specific order to remove the dirt, not blend it in. As for the paint or finish, the paint and surface defects are removed to restore the shine and protect the finish. The astounding results we achieve are due to the very specific order in which we approach the interior and exterior while using only the best compliant cleaning and conditioning products.

Custom Interior Detailing (2.5 to 5 hours)

Includes vacuuming, deep cleaning, and conditioning the leather, plastic, and vinyl surfaces; extracting fabric and carpets, including all mats, cleaning the headliner and seat belts. We clean windows, displays, chrome and woods trimmings, and mirrors and air blow them to perfection.

This service is the most thorough deep cleaning for the interior of your vehicle. The astounding results we achieve are due to the very specific order in which we approach the interior of your vehicle. We use only best compliant industry cleaning and conditioning products combined with industrial extracting machines and gentle different sized brushes you will be amazed with the results as we loosen and remove the dirty, grease, oils, odors and anything else that may be hiding in your vehicle; as opposed to blending in or smearing the dirt around.

Exterior Services for your vehicle’s paint/finish to choose from:

We always start off by giving the exterior including the wheels inside and out, a thorough cleaning. What we can do with the paint/finish depends on the condition. The four different levels or types of exterior services we offer are derived from the industry leaders in the automotive Finish Industries. The purpose of theses products, equipment and techniques used are to care for and restore the various degrees of damage or wear to the paint/finish. Detail USA uses 3M & Auto Glym products.

Hand wax/sealant (2 to 3.5 hours)

For vehicles which are already detailed and the paint feels soft or smooth to the touch and do not need clay baring to remove contaminants adhered to the paint.

Clay bar & wax/sealant (3 to 5 hours)

For vehicles which do feel rough or bumpy to the touch the clay bar is used to achieve a clean surface next and restore shine and luster by hand applying either a 3m synthetic sealant or autoglym polish/wax for to add durability & protection.

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