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I have a Black mustang I want to achieve the best look for my car. I have a porter cable buffer. I am looking for products such as sealants, waxs, polishes that all can be used together to bring the shine in my car.

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It all depends on how severe the swirls are the condition the paint is in this will dictate what to use . As far as wax and sealants you can go with the Blackfire line of products . If the swirls are bad go with 105/205 combo .

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Originally Posted by Blk5.0
Not sure what you level of experience is with the PC. I suggest you give a brief bio about yourself and abilities/experience. Then the pro's here can help you like they did me.

Search the site read the writes up's, and watch the video's. It is an educatuion! You will pick up alot. For example, I was moving the machine too fast and not breaking down the polish for almost a year before I figured it out by watching a video-also you need about 10 lbs of pressure to get the bite the pad/product needs.

Good luck.

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Both good replies for you here, I agree about Blackfire products, even on white I love that stuff! Follow it with collinite 845 and BAM!

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That is a very subjective question. What looks best is all in the eyes of the beholder. You will likely get many different answers to that question. Jeff makes a very good point about your background and abilities. The process and technique are just as important as the products used. As far as the LSP goes, I agree that you can't go wrong with BFWD.

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Originally Posted by Blk5.0
The first thing to do when going for the maximum shine on your car is going to give it an inspection. Start by washing it as thoroughly as possible.

First inspect the paint by placing your hand in a plastic baggy and lightly rubbing it over the paint. If the paint feels gritty or pebbled than your first step is going to be to clay bar the paint. This thread should help.

After the paint feels smooth (and is free from any contamination that could rob gloss) inspect the paint carefully in the sun. What you are looking for is fine scratches and swirl marks that graze the paint's surface. Nothing will have as a dramatic impact on the appearance of your paint as this.

If you have swirl marks, which is likely, you will need to correct them. Since you already have a Porter Cable you are going to need the following.

The correct 5.5 inch backing plate.
5.5 inch Hydro Tech pads. I would get two in each color.
Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut Compound- Used with the aggressive pad to remove defects.
Meguiar's M205 Ultra Finishing Polish- Used with finer pads to remove fine swirl marks and achieve a swirl-free finish.

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