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For detailers and car enthusiasts that truly enjoy cleaning up their vehicles, car detailing products are like toys. For us here at RallyWays it has been like Christmas morning.

I recently put in an order to start collecting car detailing products I’ve been wanting to try out. Like many other car snobs, simply going to the local O’reilly or Auto Zone isn’t enough. Fine, they sell good product amongst the boring cheapo stuff. But, guys that truly enjoy car detailing want to get a hold of the boutique, elite and high-quality stuff. Knowledge about these products is usually shared online or by word-of-mouth by an elite few masters of clean cars.

There are many great products out there as well as plenty of overlap between brands. Choosing stuff can be a daunting task, not to mention, a time-suck. However, unless you want the absolute best choice for your particular application or exact shade of British Racing Green, choosing and ending up with great product is actually a pretty safe proposition. So, I’m going to tell you what products I chose, why I chose them and what I will be using them for. Reading this feature will definitely help you in choosing your next batch of auto detailing products.

There are 3 ultimate outcomes I want.

  1. Swirl remover and polish for my 2011 MX-5, polymer sealer and a final coat of wax.
  2. Sealer and final coat of wax for the RallyWays 2013 Toyota Tacoma.
  3. Whatever is left I will collect for future detailing projects.

Here are some of my thoughts.

  1. Both cars will be clayed before doing any polishing, sealing or waxing.
  2. The MX-5 needs quite of bit of paint correction as the paint has a lot of swirls.
  3. I want a quick detailer that I can use between washes but will also work as a clay bar lubricant and engine bay detailer.
  4. I also want some interior detailing products that will work for any car.
  5. I have my mind set on using a polymer sealer before waxing – for added protection when the wax begins to wear off.
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Where one can purchase car detailing products?

An individual can expect to find and purchase car detailing products at a number of different stores such as Auto Zone, Napa Auto Parts, and even places like Target.

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