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Best car interior Detailing products

Meguiar-G13616A car is usually a very precious possession to the owner and it’s the hope of all car owners to have access to the automotive services for a long time. A car in order to function accurately and for a long duration needs some degree of care and maintenance. A good example of car care is only subjecting your car to friendly cleaning products. Car cleaning occurs frequently therefore below I will help by guiding car owners on the best automotive car care cleaning products in 2014.I plan on discussion the top cleaning products usable on the exterior and also for the interior cleaning.

Meguiar’s G13616

This is the fastest and safest way to wash and clean all interior surfaces. It is a wipe spray packed in a stylish 16 oz container. Can be used to restore and protect the initial appearance of all interior surfaces including vinyl, plastic, audio equipment and metal.

Meguiars G13616 has a deep cleaning formula that leaves the interior looking sharp and smelling crispy fresh.

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Meguiar’s G7164

It is also known as a ‘Gold class’ car wash conditioner and shampoo. It is packed with a unique formula that effectively deals with stubborn dirt and
stains and road grime leaving your exterior blemish-less.

Meguiar’s G7164 also contains a conditioner that protects the paint and increase on color intensity and clarity after the wash .It is also gentle on the wax protection and will leave the exterior all clean and shinny.

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Meguiar’s X2020

This is a next generation microfiber towel that is known as Supreme Shine. As the name indicates, this microfiber towel can only transform surfaces to give off a mirror like shine.Meguiar-X2020-microfiber-tower Supreme Shine works best when it is pre-washed before using it on your car. The pre-wash increases the absorbency rate of the microfiber towel to three fold compared to regular terry towels.

This means that Supreme shine is the easiest and fastest way to remove waxes, spray detailers and polishes .The Meguiar’s X2020 is dual sided to increase the absorbing rate as well as ease usability.Carrand-94005AS-AutoSpa Each towel is 16 by 24 inches and all have safety edges to prevent any scratches therefore producing perfect results on all car surfaces. This is a must-have tool for optimal car appearance maintenance.

Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa

This is a 120 volt hand held vacuum that provides a cleansing power of 550 watts. This small but powerful device has a flexible 40 inch vacuum hose and a pivoting elbow of 360 degrees to enable reach out to even the tightest corners of the car.

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