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Flexible Pads– There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about eco friendly detailing. Eco friendly detailing is here and here to stay! It’s becoming a necessity for anyone getting started in today’s auto detailing business.

Not only are we facing challenges with water containment and water pollution, we are in a state of drought in many parts of the USA as well as in several countries around the world. With global warming and major overuse of our water resources, water is going to become a commodity like oil and will come at a high price.

Well, now there’s a company making a difference! A company that has put together a solution that will forever make a change in the way we wash and maintain our vehicles.

The Detailing Pros has introduced the “No Noise, No Water Pollution, Detailing Solution” which has been in it’s research and development stages for over 5 years now.Small Pads After testing, trials, and many prototypes The Detailing Pros Inc has launched it’s all–new eco friendly auto detailing system.

This new system is the perfect answer when it comes to water containment and keeping our oceans clean. In addition, it’s the perfect answer for water conservation. This all–new detailing system is a new technology designed for our industry in many ways.Plenty of Flex It’s excellent for the basic quick wash, express detailing or high–end detailing for just about any situation.

This new system eliminates the need for many pieces of traditional auto detailing equipment. No need for a 2000 PSI pressure washer, huge water tank to carry and transport water, and no more need for a huge air compressor. The Detailing Pros is offering new types of auto detailing supplies and equipment that have revolutionized the auto detailing business making the auto detailing business easier and a lot more affordable!

The Detailing Pros eco friendly auto detailing system uses a combination of water and chemicals along with a proven and tested method of cleaning using micro fiber towels to eliminate dirt, debris and other contaminants off all surfaces of the vehicle, including engines, wheels and wheel wells. This innovative way of cleaning and washing most vehicles uses only about a pint of water to wash a vehicle, a quart of water to wash a good size motor home and less than a half gallon of water to wash small aircraft, busses and boats.

This new auto detailing technology is the most innovative and environmentally safe system ever designed in the auto detailing industry. Why carry and be burdened with complicated and time consuming water containment systems when you can get a vehicle cleaned in half the time with half the effort while eliminating most of the traditional auto detailing equipment?

Remember, time is money and The Detailing Pros has designed this new system with anyone concerned about our environment, saving you a tremendous amount of time while protecting our environment and keeping use of water to a bare minimum.

Slow Buffing Waterless Auto Detailing
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Auto-Chem Direct Auto-Chem Professional (655-008) SCRATCH OFF - Scratch Remover
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Auto-Chem Direct)
  • Eliminates Scratches and Scrapes on all Types of Painted Surfaces
  • Unique Formula Based on Micro Crystallines
  • Removes Friction Marks and Traces of Rust.
  • Cream Formula

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American Extractors Closed Spray Auto Detailing and Upholstery Cleaning Wand
Home (American Extractors)
  • Closed-spray design prevents overspray
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Fits most carpet extractors, truckmounts and detail machines
  • Fits 1.5 hose cuffs / male 1/4 solution hose coupler
  • Made in USA
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Flash Auto Detailing Products
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3D Car Care Products Bug Remover 24 oz
Automotive Parts and Accessories (3D Car Care Products)
  • Enzyme based cleaner acts fast to loosen and remove bugs or tree sap.
  • Easy spray and rinse formula.
  • Works great on windows, plastic, grills & paint.
  • No scrubbing required.
  • Useful for cars, rv s, boats, big rigs, motorcycles, and home use.
Great Lakes Tool MFG INC WEN 6018 Vortex 6-Inch Dual Action Professional Polisher
Home Improvement (Great Lakes Tool MFG INC)
  • Variable speed: 1500 to 6800 OPM
  • 5 amp motor
  • Side handle and D-handle
  • 6-inch polishing pad included
  • Dual action performance
Vista Flags AUTO DETAILING (Blue/Red) Flutter Polyknit Feather Flag (11.5 x 2.5 feet)
Lawn & Patio (Vista Flags)
  • Partial-sleeve design allows the top part of the flag to flutter in the wind - like a real flag.
  • Huge 11.5 foot tall flag! Bright colors to catch your customer s attention.
  • Bold lettering gets your message out!
  • Knit polyester, 100% dyed-through image, single-sided (back side reverse).
  • Requires Flutter- style Pole to accommodate Partial-Sleeve flags

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