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Best Auto air Cleaners

Get ready for the fastest, easiest, most essential upgrade to your vehicle: a performance air filter. There's no gimmick with a performance air filter - simple science and years of testing have combined to make the simplest way to deliver clean volumes of air to your engine.

What can a performance air filter do for my vehicle?

Adding a performance air filter results in an abundance of immediate and long-term benefits, including:

  • Improved airflow to your engine
  • Boosted horsepower, performance and gas mileage
  • Better filtration of engine-destroying dirt
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to infrequent cleaning
  • Environmentally-friendly reusable materials
  • It's the last filter you'll ever need - saves you from the expensive disposable filter circus

A guide to the improved airflow of a performance air filter

You've probably been living on disposable paper filters for decades. You have no idea what you and your engine have been missing.

If you have a disposable paper filter in your vehicle, every "breath" your engine takes is through that filter. With multiple layers of paper, the flow to your engine can be quite restrictive - and that's before dirt particles plug air passages. By the time a disposable filter is near the end of its life, it could well be choking your engine.

That's the problem performance air filter makers, such as K&N, Green Filters and True Flow, set out to solve. The first thing they replaced was the material your vehicle's air must flow through. Performance air filters use cloth or foam filtration, which is infinitely less restrictive to airflow than multiple layers of paper. Dust and dirt hit the advanced filtration layers, but do not cut off your engine's breathing.

It's a simple idea. When you can breathe better, you probably feel better and perform better. The same concept applies to your vehicle. Increased airflow to your engine makes it noticeably more efficient and powerful.

The basics of power and fuel economy improvement with a performance air filter

Freeing up your airflow really unleashes your engine. The most noticeable effect is an instant 2% to 4% improvement in horsepower - a difference you can feel at the pedal and in the seat of your pants. Boosts in acceleration response and towing power are also common.

Performance air filters make this possible by creating virtually unrestricted airflow from the filter to the combustion chamber. Higher volumes of air are available for burning, creating more efficient fuel mixtures that harness more power out of every drop of gas.

The same balanced air/fuel ratios provided by the increased airflow of a performance air filter also improve your gas mileage. By getting more power out of the gas you're burning, you in turn use less of it in driving your vehicle from point A to point B every day.

A guide to the easy maintenance of a performance air filter

Disposable air filters are usually stuffed to the gills with nasty dirt after 15, 000 miles and must be tossed. In dustier conditions, such as vehicles that spend their driving lives off-road, a paper filter can choke your engine much sooner.

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INTERDYNAMICS-QUEST Interdynamics 760 Auto Air Conditioner A/C and Heater Duct Cleaner - 4 oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (INTERDYNAMICS-QUEST)
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  • Contact us with any questions!
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