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Use Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner to clean wheels and tires.

Equally effective - and safe - on wheels and tires.

Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is a German-engineered wheel cleaner gel that clings to penetrate road grime on wheels and tires. The water-based formula is safe on all types of wheels, yet effective enough to penetrate and clean porous rubber. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is the only cleaner you need to clean and beautify your vehicles wheels and tires.

!Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Germany, the leader in environment-friendly research for the car care industry, has chemically engineered a new breed of cleansers to replace the outdated acid, butyl, or petroleum distillate based products. This new, surface-friendly cleaning technology is found in Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner.

Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and gentle on skin. However, this thick, concentrated gel packs quite a punch when it comes to quickly and easily removing brake dust, road grime, oil and grease.Use a Boar's Hair Wash Brush on the wheel face. As soon as you spray it on, Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner goes to work loosening and dissolving tough road grime.

Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner was formulated for versatility, being equally gentle and effective on wheels and tires. Rest assured that Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all kinds of wheelsincluding aluminum, painted, polished, anodized, clear coated and billet wheels. Emulsifiers in the cleaner capture dirt and dust on the wheel and allow them to be safely whisked away from even the most sensitive, expensive wheels without danger of scratching or spotting.

Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner contains emulsifiers, wetting agents and environmentally safe deep cleansers to loosen and remove all foreign particles clinging to your tires and wheels. It even penetrates below the surface of the rubber to extract deep, ground in dirt, brake dust, and tire dressing buildup. Tires and wheels will be left completely clean.

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  • One easy step, just spray and walk away
  • Intense foam activates on contact floating dirt away without scrubbing
  • Conditioners nourish and restore your tire s deep black look
  • Blocking agents protect from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading
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Popular Q&A

What is a good commercial cleaner for auto tires and vinyl?

I like the Awesome Brands, Street Appeal Professional. I clean my tires/wheels/rims with the "Wheel & Tire" spray on and wipe off solution which dissolves break dust and road grime. Then I follow up with the product, "Tire Shine" from the same company - provides a long lasting high gloss shine. Both products are safe for wheels/tires/rims. Simply spray on over the entire surface (avoiding the treaded part of the tire!), let the solution stand for 20-30 seconds, for the product to work, then Rinse with water. For the Tire Shine product, you may need an extra coat for a higher shine. Depe…

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