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Auto interior Cleaner

Cleaning the interior should always be performed on the vehicle before washing the exterior. This will eliminate water getting into a dirty interior, causing "muddy" more difficult cleaning.

Interior care consists of: de-trashing, vacuuming, cleaning, dressing and vinyl/leather conditioning.

Set up a vacuum cleaner, a stiff brush, a pre-spotter, and a trash can. The following procedures will save time, money and extra work.

Recommended Procedures:

Remove all trash. Empty all ashtrays. Use caution when reaching under seats.

Remove floor mats. With a brush, agitate any spots or stains on the carpet and fabric to loosen the dirt. Vacuum out the interior and trunk thoroughly. Shake any loose dirt from the floor mats, then brush/vacuum them as well.


Mist #25 Enzyme Pre-Spot onto the spot. Agitate with a brush. Let the product set for 5 minutes. Remove product and dirt with a towel.

Mist #43 Clear Difference on vinyl/leather dashboards, headliners, sun visors, door panels, steering wheel and center consol. If needed, use a soft brush to agitate the product in heavily soiled areas. Wipe dry with a clean, soft towel.

For use in a mist sprayer, dilute 1 part E-Z Clean-HD to 30 parts water. Spray product directly on surface, then agitate with a nylon brush. Remove with a soft, clean towel or wet-dry vacuum. When using a 5 gallon pail, pour 4 oz. of product into bucket, then fill using high pressure. Use a carpet brush to apply product to the area, then remove with a wet/dry vacuum. Do not over-saturate the seats, mats and carpet when cleaning. They should be almost dry when completing.

STEP 6: DRESS THE VINYL (optional)
To restore original beauty to vinyl upholstery, dashboards, door panels, air vents, and other vinyl parts, use #65 Super Dress-It at full strength. Spray or wipe the product with an applicator pad then wipe dry with a soft, clean towel.

Condition and protect the interior leather with #58 Leather Conditioner. Leather Conditioner will penetrate quickly to restore suppleness, gloss and texture. Pour a small amount of Leather Conditioner on to an applicator pad, then apply to the surface using overlapping, circular motions. Remove excess with a soft, clean cloth. Repeat process if necessary. Do not apply to suede.

Make sure fabric upholstery is completely clean and dry. Using #39 Stain Guard, mist evenly and allow to dry. Repeat process if desired. Do not saturate the area. Not for use on leather, vinyl or hard plastic.

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