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Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner Directions


Fuel Injector Cleaner DETOX4 (often called d tox) is the best way to restore the vehicles MPG by removing contamination, gum, varnish, moisture & water from your vehicles entire gasoline fuel system.

Since 1982, this cleaning product has been continually researched, developed and improved to be the best cleaner for the modern vehicle. For over 30 years, it has been used millions of times by professional mechanics at automotive dealerships as well as do-it-yourself mechanics in the USA and over 65 countries world-wide.

Fuel Injector Cleaner is Needed

Cleaning components is more important than ever. Contamination from gas settles in the gas tank, lines, hoses, injectors, fuel filter, carburetors and fuel pump.

Cleaning out these contaminators is needed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and operating efficiently. Specifically, cleaning deposits on the inlet valves and inside the injectors can restore the system to provide the correct amount of gas to the motor, effectively increasing motor performance and restoring MPG.

How the Best Injector Cleaner Works

Injector cleaner uses an atomization cleaning effect to effectively break down gum, varnish and deposits. It also contains an emulsification cleaner agent to bond with water and moisture in the system.

It does not use any ether, solvent or detergent based cleaners. It is safe for cleaning aluminum, injectors, gaskets, rubber hoses and critical system components. This product will not change octane numbers.

After breaking down the contaminators to one third of a micron, it bonds with these unwanted materials. It then carries these contaminators through the system with the gasoline until they incinerated in the motors combustion chambers and expelled with the vehicles exhaust.

This injector cleaner is flammable. This is the only complete gasoline fuel system cleaner that will ignite. Many cleaning products on the market do not ignite. Do not put anything in your gas tank that will not ignite.

This cleaner was also engineered to leave a long-lasting protective lubrication coating inside the fuel system which provides excellent lubrication to help maintain the vehicles miles per gallon.

The Best Cleaning Results

From using Injector Cleaner DETOX4, your vehicle will have equalized the ethanol in the gasoline and a residue-free, fully-lubricated fuel system.

The value added benefit of having a clean fuel system is that it can restore the vehicles factory MPG.

Additionally, when you use one can to clean your system, you will: restore lost power and performance, reduce exhaust emissions, stabilize the gas, remove water from the gasoline, prevent hard starts, remove gum and varnish, clean injectors, reduce engine misfire and increase the motors compression.

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