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Auto Cleaners and Supplies

There’s nothing like the feeling that a newly cleaned car provides, so pickup your car cleaning supplies at Dollar General. Wear and tear can really dull an interior so we have car detailing products that can bring it back to new. Find items like Armor All Protectant Spray to remove dust, dirt and debris as well as soft microfiber towels to wipe it all down. Better yet, we have car cleaning supplies for the exterior too. Check out our selection of tire protectants, car wash mitts, car waxes and more. When it’s time to clean up your ride, visit Dollar General for car cleaning supplies.

Car Detailing Products

No matter if you own a luxury, classic or everyday car, they all get dirty and Dollar General has basic car detailing products to whip them back into shape. A lot of living happens on the interior, so we have an assortment of microfiber towels, cleaning solutions and protectants ready to help. Start with basic car detailing products like Q-tips and toothbrushes before moving on to dedicated car cleaning supplies like car wash, tire protectant, auto sponges and more. Clean up your act with car detailing products from Dollar General!

Popular Q&A

Where to buy an auto cassette cleaner?

Would this be to automatically clean cassettes, or to clean cassette players in Automobiles?
While there ARE special cleaners, they don't work very well. Cassette players don't need special equipment to clean them - just some cleaning fluid (could be rubbing alcohol), and a cotton swab. Wet the swab (QTip) and stick it through the cassette door, and rub the playing heads and capstans (the metal posts that hold the tape against the rubber wheels) until they feel smooth again. Keep the alcohol away from any rubber parts because they could swell up or dry out.
I've never hears of an auto…

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