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Auto air Conditioner Cleaners

automotive a/c control panelToday automotive air conditioning is almost standard equipment on cars and trucks. Just 30 years ago this would've been considered a luxury option. Since this is one of the more troublesome systems, often leading to very high repair bills, it seemed only right to cover it in depth.

On this page we'll start with the basic theory of operation. At the bottom are links to advanced articles on individual components, honing in on whats wrong with your car today by examining common problem areas. It's a lot easier to diagnose and repair AC systems with the basic knowledge of how they work.

Since this specialized area of the retail repair business can be at times shady, you can't go wrong knowing more about refrigeration for cars. When educated consumers start asking questions, estimates have a tendency to go down and automobiles fixed right on the first visit go up.

Auto Air Conditioning Design

All ac systems are designed to pump heat from one point to another. Commonly removing heat from inside and taking it outside. The basic theory states heat will flow from the warmer object to the colder one. The greater the temperature difference between the two, the more heat flows.

The substance used to remove the heat from the inside of an automobile is called refrigerant. On older automotive air conditioning systems the factory installed refrigerant was R12. An amendment to the United States clean air act has mandated that R12 be phased out as the refrigerant of choice.

AC Evaporator for GM CarSince air conditioning systems with R12 are susceptible to leaks ozone damage and environmental concerns pushed for the replacement of this refrigerant. This was finally adopted into United States law as a requirement in 1995. It started a new wave of AC specialty shops that performed conversions.

Car-makers began using R134-A as the freon of choice replacing r-12. Now for 2014 GM is going with HFO-1234yf, believed to cause less damage to the ozone when released into the atmosphere. Auto AC service will be more complicated going forward as HFO isn't compatible with the widely used R-freons.

Although the most common R 134 A air-conditioning systems operate in the same way with the same basic components as the R12 and HFO units keep in mind none of the refrigerants are interchangeable. The new HFO-1234yf goes a step further and runs at different pressures. All three use different lubrication oil for the compressor. Shops will have to get ready to service 3 different kinds of freon.

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